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Creaform Release Enhanced VXelements 3D Measurement Software Platform

Creaform has announced, at the dawn of its 20th anniversary, the launch of VXelements 10 – now boasting a new cloud licensing system, new 3D mesh and entity edition functionalities, multiple CAD imports, and compatibility of the MetraSCAN-R 3D scanners with collaborative robots (cobots).

VXelements, now an integrated 3D measurement software platform that comprises several acquisition and application modules—VXscan, VXprobe, VXshot, VXmodel, VXtrack, VXinspect, VXscan-R—traces all the way back to 2005 with version 1.0 of VXscan, first software module developed by Creaform.

“This new software offering sets new standards in metrology, inspection and reverse engineering. We aimed to deliver a unique, differentiated and cutting-edge set of tools that works in complete synergy with the entire fleet of Creaform 3D measurement solutions,” says François Lachance, Product Manager – Software at Creaform.

VXelements 10 now includes a new cloud licensing system which has been implemented to facilitate license sharing between users of a given company. It is now easier to maximize software investment by increasing cooperation between team members, making collaborative projects simpler and faster.

VXscan 3D Acquisition and Optimization Module

The upgraded VXscan module unveils improvements to the ‘Merge Scan’ feature providing enhanced computing performance, new target alignment, and the ability to retain the original data.

VXmodel Scan-to-CAD Module

The VXmodel scan-to-CAD software module now boasts a flexible entity edition tool, a new cross-section feature (resizing of cut plans, cross-section distance and angle with ‘arbitrary’ entities).

VXinspect Dimensional Inspection Module

End users can now import and use multiple CAD models in VXinspect for added flexibility. This in turn facilitates working with symmetrical objects and saves time when processing assembly parts.

Vxscan-R Digital Twin Environment Software Module

Automated metrology is now more accessible than ever before. VXscan-R is part of Creaform’s offering using collaborative robots (cobots) to streamline scanning cell deployments, and leverage Creaform scanning technology using off-line programming software.

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