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Verisurf Software Announces Engine Builder Performance Package

Verisurf Software has announced the Verisurf Engine Builder Performance Package, a complete 3D measurement software, hardware, training, and support package for reverse engineering, designing, building, and verifying high-performance engines and components. The performance package is designed specifically for engine builders to replicate and check race-winning engine heads, blocks, pistons, crankshafts, intake and exhaust ports, camshafts, conrods, rocker stands, and more.

The main components are the popular Master3DGage portable CMM arm powered by Verisurf software. The Master3DGage, is a high precision, 6-Axis, 1.2m portable CMM arm that is compact and shop-floor ready, with everything engine builders need to ensure the build of race-winning products right out of the box.

The Engine Builder Performance Package Includes: Verisurf CAD, Measure, Reverse, and Quick Surface software modules; Master3DGage portable CMM arm; two long shaft silicon nitrate port probes; installation and setup videos; four days of custom reverse engineering and inspection training; unlimited online video training; two years of software updates and technical support.

An optional laser scanner is also available for added flexibility when reverse-engineering or verifying complex combustion chambers or piston surfaces. The Master3DGage scanner features non-contact 3D laser scanning at a capture rate of 45,000 points per second, a long stand-off distance, and an integrated range finder for ease of use.

“Performance engine builders use CMM-based measurements and inspection results to reverse engineer, design, build, and verify the fit of critical components. Our team listened to the needs of high-performance engine builders and created a turnkey solution that works the way they want it to and includes the needed tools to ensure the build of race-winning products right out of the box,” said Ernie Husted, President and CEO of Verisurf Software.

For more information: http://verisurf/port3