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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – December 19th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Measuring Automotive Surfaces From Substrate to Clear Coat

For years, automotive manufacturers have only been able to verify the quality of paints and coatings after completing the entire process. Without a method to track the quality of paint finishes from end-to-end of the coating process, components continue through manufacturing, accruing greater and greater value … read more

Optical Inspection System Offers High Precision Scanning

LMI Technologies (LMI), the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, has announced the official release of its Photon Optical Inspection System. The non-contact system provides surface characterization of multi-layered, textured, mixed, and a wide range of other precision-manufactured materials. The system is CE and FCC-certified … read more

Roundscan Offers All-In-One Measuring System

Roundness testers, surface analyzers and lead angle detection inspection benches—instrumentation to measure roundness, cylindricity, surface finish and lead angle shaft seals have all existed separately for a long time. The Hommel-Etamic Roundscan system incorporates all these measurements into one robust automated inspection system for metrology lab and shop floor … read more

ZEISS Group Report Another Very Successful Year

The ZEISS Group achieved significant growth across all segments despite challenging geopolitical and economic conditions. Revenue rose by 16% to 8.8 billion euros, surpassing over 8 billion euros for the first time (prior year: 7.5 billion euros) in fiscal year 2021/22 … read more

OPTOCOMB’s Unique Metrology Capabilities at Core of Nikon’s Next Big Thing

The OptoComb is a high-precision measurement technology that has been developed by XTIA Ltd., a high-tech company spun off from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Nikon already possesses world-class optical and precision technologies, but it is now taking on the challenge of launching new business using the world’s most advanced … read more

Integrated AI Software Overcomes Part Variance Enabling Flexible Automation

Micropsi Industries recently announced that its artificial intelligence (AI)-based software MIRAI is now compatible with numerous robots produced by FANUC. With MIRAI, FANUC customers can now add valuable hand-eye coordination to multiple FANUC industrial and collaborative robots (cobots) to handle difficult-to-automate functions … read more

Autonomous Sorting Of Nuclear Waste Uses Machine Vision Learning

UK laser systems integrator, Cyan Tec has revealed a fully autonomous robotic sort and segregation system for handling nuclear waste. This innovative project drives forward technology in nuclear decommissioning enabling low and intermediate level waste … read more

3D Safe Radar System Provides Improved Robot Cell Protection

SICK has recently launched the safeRS3, a next-generation safe 3D radar system designed to enable maximum productivity with highly-reliable safe access protection for workers in hazardous industrial areas, including robot cells. The robust radar detection principle is ideal for heavy industrial environments, which may challenge conventional … read more

Robotic Solution Offers End-of-Line Measurement

Together with its partner Löhnert Elektronik, Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a fully automated turnkey solution for bumper production radar transparency testing based on the successful R&S QAR50. The lightweight and compact setup of the R&S QAR50-R facilitates precise positioning of the measurement antennas, allowing faster, more accurate and convenient testing … read more

Quality and Validation in 3D Printing

As additive manufacturing (AM) / 3D printing gains more and more traction as a production technology, so scrutiny on the end products produced by the process becomes more and more intense. When the 3D printing process is used to make prototypes, small deviations from original design intent … read more

3D PDF’s With Model Based Definition Improve Production

What is Model Based Definition and 3D PDF? Model based definition (MBD) allows information to be contained alongside 3D CAD models. Users can include annotations, dimensions and more alongside their 3D model. However, there can still be issues sharing this data with someone who doesn’t have the same CAD software … read more

Synthetic Data Generation Accelerates Defect Detection Model

Siemens is accelerating development of defect detection models with 3D synthetic data generation from NVIDIA Omniverse, the latest manufacturing gains to emerge from an extended partnership for the industrial metaverse that aims to advance digital twins. The Siemens Xcelerator and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms are building … read more

Renishaw Expands Reach with New Technology Centre in India

To support its rapidly growing customer base in India, global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, recently opened a new Technology Centre in Bangalore, India. The new site is now providing customers with access to demonstrations … read more

In-Place Machining Company Acquires East Coast Metrology

In-Place Machine Company, LLC (IPM) has announced the acquisition of East Coast Metrology, LLC (ECM) as part of a long-term growth strategy to expand reach and service offerings to customers and prospects across the U.S. and Canada … read more