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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 21st

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Driving Down Critical Inspection Times

In industries such as aircraft engines and automotive, companies need to rapidly establish the quality of components, both during production and during repair and overhaul. Many of these components are highly valuable and complex, often with hundreds of features per part requiring inspection … read more

Manufacturing In The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Despite challenging supply chain situations, manufacturers are making progress toward Industry 4.0. Most understand that artificial intelligence (AI) and improved analytics can lead to better decisions and, thus, business benefits. Creating the data management structure for success is something many are still learning … read more

3D Visualization Software To Drive Industry 4.0 Initiatives at John Deere

Vertex Software, Inc., a pioneer in 3D manufacturing visualization and cloud collaboration technology, has announced that they have been selected as a supplier to Deere & Company, an Industry 4.0 innovator. John Deere will use Vertex to access in real time the state of the factory, service needs for equipment, forecast planning … read more

Advanced Software Accelerates High-Speed Automated Robotic Inspection

KaKue GmbH has been providing reliable measurement services with state-of-the-art metrology technology to its customers for over two decades. From standard measurements to complex problem-solving, KaKue’s measurement specialists guarantee solution-oriented order testing in-house and on-site … read more

Metrology System Drives Precise Automated Flexible Manufacturing

Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and Industry 4.0 are just some of the key trends and technologies that are shaping the automotive industry today. Automation clearly plays a key role in manufacturing, but what are the challenges faced … read more

Automated Edge Break Inspection Installed at Aero Engine Manufacturer

4D Technology has installed and commissioned a 4Di InSpec AT automated inspection system at a leading aerospace engine manufacturer’s engineering facility. Aircraft and aerospace engine components may have dozens of critical specifications for chamfers and rounding, for performance and lifetime optimization … read more

Keeping An Eye On Production With Deep Learning

Bosch Car Multimédia, as a supplier of electronic components for various customers in the automotive industry, depends on a high quality standard of its manufactured automotive sensors. To ensure this standard, defects must be detected quickly and reliably. In this specific case, the task is to check metal springs … read more

Laser Tracker Aids Polar Express Locomotive Restoration

In the heart of Michigan, a piece of real-word (and Hollywood) history is being meticulously restored to its former glory. The Pere Marquette 1225, the historic steam locomotive modelled by Warner Bros. and Robert Zemeckis for The Polar Express, is undergoing a significant restoration process, guided by the Steam Railroading … read more

ALTANA Strengthens Testing and Measuring Instruments Portfolio With Strategic Acquisition

ALTANA has acquired the business of Imaginant Inc., a U.S. company that develops and manufactures test and measurement instruments based on ultrasound. With this acquisition, the specialty chemicals group has strategically expanded its BYK division and entered the growth market of the semiconductor industry … read more

Indian Software Developer Streamlines Quality Process Control

Meascal, a company based in India, has introduced its innovative solution for standardized quality process control in automotive parts manufacturing – Step2QMS. As a developer of SPC software, Meascal has worked methodically to create a digital tool that automates and streamlines the quality control process … read more

Software Combines Surface Roughness and Crosshatch Measurement and Analysis

Digital Metrology Solutions has introduced TraceBoss Plus software, integrating surface texture and crosshatch measurement in a single package. The software interfaces with most portable surface roughness gages. A user can take a measurement, view the results and graphics, save data, and reload it for comparison and SPC … read more

Automated 3D Technology Set To Revolutionize On-Demand Large Part Manufacturing

The architecture, engineering and construction industry has undergone significant changes in recent years yet one major challenge they face is the slow and costly manufacture of large components as part of their installations. Enabling the industry to move faster and efficiently, SAEKI has recently launched from stealth with a $2.3M … read more

Position Sensor Detects Part Errors in Automotive Resistance Welding Machines

NewTek Sensor Solutions has developed a custom LVDT position sensor for resistance spot welding machines used in automotive plants to detect missing or misaligned parts in nut and stud welding. Vehicles contain hundreds of welded nuts and studs that hold them together.  Properly securing the right nut and stud … read more

ScanBox Provides Precise Digitalization and Inspection of Hairpin-Stator Assemblies

CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company and a leading provider of innovative 3D digitizing solutions in the U.S., has announced the ZEISS ScanBox for eMotors, an  automated 3D scanning solution for the fast and accurate inspection of complete electric motor hairpin-stator assemblies and multiple or individual hairpins … read more