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Indian Software Developer Streamlines Quality Process Control

Meascal, a company based in New Delhi, India, has introduced its innovative solution for standardized quality process control in automotive parts manufacturing – Step2QMS. As a developer of statistical process control software, Meascal has worked methodically to create a digital tool that automates and streamlines the quality control process, ensuring consistent and reliable production.

Real Time Variability Analysis

In the dynamic assembly line of automotive parts manufacturing, real-time variability analysis is a valuable diagnostic tool for quick corrections and improvements in the mass production process. However, manual entry of dimensional variabilities during the manufacturing of thousands of parts is not only prone to human error but also incredibly time-consuming. The reliance on manual monitoring and data entry leads to excessive paperwork and delays. This is where the need for automatic data extraction and processing software becomes imperative.

Developing a process control and data automation tool comes with its own set of challenges. One such challenge is handling vast amounts of data that is often in dissimilar formats and mechanics. In the manufacturing assembly, various machines from multiple vendors generate output data in specific formats, making the compilation and summarization of process-level information a time-consuming manual task involving data conversion from one format to another.

Step2QMS addresses this challenge by providing solutions for handling large amounts of data. While Microsoft Excel has traditionally been the choice for data entry, it has its limitations, particularly when dealing with large datasets that slow down accessibility. Moreover, representing data graphically becomes a complex task. Step2QMS simplifies the process by offering effortless data conversion from different formats to a single format and presenting the extracted data in various graph formats such as Cp, Cpk, X-Bar, R-Bar, histogram with normal distribution and conformance, and more.

Data Capturing Real-Time Through Centralized Database

One of the key features of Step2QMS is real-time data monitoring, analysis, and feedback. It utilizes a centralized database that serves as a single data repository for all process quality data. This enables multiple users to store and access data simultaneously in different formats, facilitating real-time monitoring. By synchronizing work across different processes, Step2QMS drastically reduces the time consumed by verbal communication among teams. For example, quality checks for Process 2 can be performed in real-time while Process 1 is still in progress, as the output of Process 1 serves as the input for Process 2.

The scope of Step2QMS extends beyond its core functionalities. It offers an online/offline packaged solution for real-time statistical analysis and process control, complete with visualization and interactive reporting. This solution caters to various products, gauges, and inspection processes across multiple geographical locations within a plant.

Step2QMS excels in capturing real-time data through its centralized database. It enables automatic data fetching from measurement devices like CMMs, VMMs, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi enabled digital instruments. Manual data entry is also supported through authorized access. Step2QMS imposes no limits on access points and is not dependent on specific machines. It accepts input formats such as TXT, CSV, Excel, and XML.

CAD Model Support

To enhance efficiency, Step2QMS supports CAD models, OCR ballooning, and image files for creating different types of report templates. These templates can be controlled by various levels of users, allowing for the creation of inspection plans and control plans tailored to specific requirements.

Data reporting and analysis are crucial aspects of Step2QMS. The software provides a comprehensive range of analysis reports in Excel and PDF formats, enabling SPC analysis with metrics like Cp, Cpk, X-Bar, R-Bar, and histogram with normal distribution and conformance. Meascal also offers customization options for users to obtain data in their preferred format at the part, assembly, modal, or plant level. Live reporting, email alerts on data upload or scheduled intervals, and MSA Study with Gauge R&R further enhance the data analysis capabilities. Step2QMS even facilitates the rectification and rejection of parts through an authorized channel.

When it comes to providing cutting-edge solutions for quality control in automotive parts manufacturing, Meascal has earned the trust of industry leaders with a customer base including some of the most prominent names in the industry including Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited, Pune. Fiat India relies on Meascal’s Step2QMS to ensure the highest standards of quality control in their manufacturing processes. By leveraging the software’s real-time variability analysis and automated data handling, Fiat India achieves precise control over their production line, reducing errors and optimizing efficiency.

Mahindra & Mahindra: Mahindra & Mahindra, a leading automotive company, understands the importance of accurate data analysis and process control. With Step2QMS, they gain real-time insights into their manufacturing operations, allowing for quick corrective actions and improvements. Meascal’s software empowers Mahindra & Mahindra to maintain their position as a frontrunner in the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality.

GeStamp Automotive leverages Step2QMS to harness the power of real-time data capturing and analysis. By using the software’s centralized database, they have gained a competitive advantage in monitoring and optimizing their manufacturing processes. GeStamp Automotive stands as a beacon of success, powered by Meascal’s innovative solution.

Meascal is currently looking for reseller partners to advance Step2QMS to a global audience.

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