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Automated Edge Break Inspection System Installed at Leading Aero Engine Manufacturer

4D Technology has installed and commissioned a 4Di InSpec AT automated inspection system at a leading aerospace engine manufacturer’s engineering facility.

Aircraft and aerospace engine components may have dozens of critical specifications for chamfers and rounding, for performance and lifetime optimization. These numerous features are time-consuming to measure manually. Difficult-to-access areas must be replicated in order to measure, which further increases cycle time.

4Di InSpec AT provides automated, non-contact measurement of surface features and defects on aircraft and aerospace components

“We developed the 4Di InSpec AT in conjunction with leading aerospace and aviation engine manufacturers, to dramatically improve the measurement process,” said Erik Novak, general manager of 4D Technology. “By improving measurement accuracy, the system greatly reduces rework and scrap due to rejection of actual good parts. Additionally, it improves inspection throughput by several orders of magnitude, saving critical labor and providing rapid production feedback to improve part quality.”

The 4Di InSpec AT system combines the industry-leading 4D InSpec surface gauge with a collaborative robot for non-contact measurement of edge break, chamfer, and round-off, and surface defects such as pits, scratches, and dents on aerospace parts. With measurements that take seconds, versus many minutes or hours by manual methods, the automated system substantially increases measurement throughput and labor utilization. The ability to measure features in difficult locations further improves inspection quality.

“The 4D InSpec surface gage has been widely adopted for aviation and aerospace manufacturing and MRO (rework/repair),” said Novak. “That leading manufacturers are now automating this technology into inline production underscores its high value to the industry.”

Highlights of the 4D Technology 4Di InSpec AT include:

➤ High-throughput, high-resolution automated inspection

➤  Measure edge break features, chamfers, radii, and defects in minutes

➤ Non-contact, 3D measurement with micrometer-level resolution

➤ Patented vibration-immune technology enables measurement on the shop floor

➤ Software flags out-of-spec measurements and auto remeasures locations

➤ Integration with Fanuc CRX 5iA or CRX10iA/L collaborative robots

➤ Optional rotary table for improved throughput

➤ Ability to measure internal as well as external shaft features via fold mirrors and compact probe design.

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