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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 22nd April

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Laser Scanner Creates AM Tool Path Revolutionizing Repairs

Nikon Corporation has announced the release of its next-generation metal additive manufacturing system, the Lasermeister LM300A, which uses Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology, as well as the complementary 3D scanner, Lasermeister SB100. These industry-leading products represent the latest strategic additions to the Nikon Advanced Manufacturing solutions portfolio … read more

Renishaw Central Improves Additive Manufacturing Efficiency

To help manufacturers improve production efficiency and monitor their additive manufacturing (AM) performance in real-time, Renishaw has issued an update to its Renishaw Central manufacturing data platform. Using feedback from sensors fitted to AM systems, the software gathers and displays machine process data … read more

The Role of Metrology In Enhancing Manufacturing Quality Without Increasing Costs

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, the pursuit of quality is non-negotiable. Yet, amidst the ever-present pressure to optimize costs, achieving superior quality without inflating expenses remains a perpetual challenge. Metrology emerges as a pivotal solution in this conundrum. By harnessing advanced metrology … read more

Digital Twin Simulator To Provide Adaptative Machining Training At Safran Aircraft Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines (SAE) has selected new training technology now available globally from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division which leverages the power of its digital twins to halve the time taken to help train new machinists to use valuable shop-floor equipment as part of SAE’s strategy to train the urgently needed … read more

Automated Quality Control Made Accessible With Intuitive Hybrid Solution

Creaform has launched the Automation Kit that can turn the HandySCAN 3D and MetraSCAN 3D portable 3D scanner families into fully fledged solutions for automated quality control (AQC) applications. Outfitted with a collaborative robot and all … read more

Verisurf and Hexagon Sign Portable Metrology Solutions Agreement

Verisurf Software and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have entered a metrology solutions agreement. Under the agreement, Verisurf will offer complete metrology solutions that combine its model-based inspection and measurement software, training, and technical support with proven Hexagon portable CMMs … read more

Bowers Launch Baty Venture FV Vision Measurement System

The Bowers Group has announced the launch of the new Baty Venture FV Series introducing the latest in its range of innovative vision systems. The Baty Venture FV sets a new standard in Bowers Group’s precision vision measurement offering, providing advanced features and high-speed inspection … read more

Shop Floor Hardened Non-Cartesian CMM Adds Scanning

True to Aberlink’s heritage for innovation, the Extol is the world’s first CMM to utilise a delta mechanism. Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM will run around 24/7 making it ideal whether it is positioned next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or used in a dedicated inspection area … read more

Line-Scan Cameras Improve Manufacturing Yield and Quality

Automated optical inspection (AOI) of wafer-based solar cells requires a combination of 2D and 3D imaging to detect imperfections in coatings and printings, and for the reliable characterization of small surface defects. AOI guarantees the highest yield for manufacturers by reducing inspection times and boosting throughput … read more

Connecting Shop Floor With Top Floor To Drive Process Efficiency

AMS (Architectural & Metal Systems), a specialist manufacturer of aluminium extrusion and façade systems, has achieved a 19 per cent improvement in machine utilisation and identified annual efficiency and sustainability improvements worth more than €30,000 within 3 months of installing machine monitoring technology … read more

Transforming Quality Control and Redefining Manufacturing – The Robotics Revolution

As the industrial robotics landscape undergoes significant transformation, Eleven Dynamics AG are at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks. This article delves into the current trends in industrial robotics, showcases Eleven Dynamics innovative contributions, addresses the prevailing challenges within the industry … read more

Insights Into The Inspection Challenges Arising During Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Manufacturing sheet metal is far from a simple task. It requires rigorous inspection, primarily due to the high quality and stringent safety standards required in the automotive industry. No doubt, a combination of advanced technology and skilled labor must be involved to ensure that the sheet metal components are cut and shaped … read more

Make The Leap To a More Automated and Interconnected 3D Metrology

Industry 4.0, a new way of organizing production and manufacturing resources characterized by the intensive use of digital technologies, is expanding and helping to improve operational efficiency and decision-making on the manufacturing chain. The volume of data to be managed is growing accordingly, and Metrologic Group is developing and innovating … read more

3D Inline Optical Measurement of Battery Cell Modules

senswork, an expert in machine vision systems, is presenting ZScan Easy at the Control Exhibition in Hall 8, Stand 8202, a system for fast 3D inline measurement of battery modules. The use of the system ensures comprehensive quality assurance for prismatic and cylindrical battery cell modules in production … read more