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Bowers Launch Baty Venture FV Vision Measurement System

The Bowers Group has announced the launch of the new Baty Venture FV Series introducing the latest in its range of innovative vision systems.

The Baty Venture FV sets a new standard in Bowers Group’s precision vision measurement offering, providing advanced features and high-speed inspection. Equipped with auto part recognition and a powerful 20-megapixel camera, coupled with telecentric LED lighting, the vision system delivers precise field of view measurements with exceptional clarity. Its intuitive software streamlines the measurement process, allowing for seamless operation and efficient data analysis.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Baty Venture FV” said Martin Hawkins, Managing Director at Bowers Group. “This impressive field of view machine represents a significant advancement in our product line, providing remarkable levels of efficiency and versatility to our customers. Bringing with it a wealth of user-friendly features and industry-leading innovation, the launch of the new Venture FV marks the start of a series of new products across our product range in the coming months. We really do encourage visitors to head over to our stand to find out more.”

The Venture FV allows for quick and accurate measurements of hundreds of dimensions on hundreds of parts in seconds, using multiple lighting conditions. With a simple and intuitive user interface, the series has been designed with operator in mind.

With its easy-to-use software, the FV enables the creation of new inspections quickly and easily with minimal experience needed, offering instant on-screen pass/fail classification for the inspector, with detailed reports automatically saved to a preferred location.

It features large diameter telecentric optics with motorised auto-focus range of 75mm combined with a measurement area of up to 300x200mm.

Programmable, segmented, split ring LED surface lighting is standard on all FV models. This allows the edges of features to be accurately defined for automatic detection by the software. The motorised ring light can also be driven in the vertical axis to highlight features with minimal height.

The high-precision, CNC work stage utilises heavy duty cross-roller rail guides for optimum performance and accuracy. The heavy-duty chassis casting provides a stable foundation for the substantial motorised X-Y measuring stage, ensuring correct alignment is maintained to the motorised focus and lighting axes.

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