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Shop Floor Hardened Non-Cartesian CMM Adds Scanning

True to Aberlink’s heritage for innovation, the Extol is the world’s first CMM to utilise a delta mechanism. Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM will run around 24/7 making it ideal whether it is positioned next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or used in a dedicated inspection area.

Five temperature sensors monitoring both the machine and ambient temperature ensure that the Extol is capable operating in uncontrolled environments and reporting measurements as though they had been taken at 20°C. The software will also produce a warning should the temperature be changing at a rate that is not conducive with reasonable metrology practice. Robust, accurate and reliable, the Extol CMM is the perfect solution to automatically verify part quality for critical components.

The ergonomics of the Extol have also been a significant design factor. It is not only quick and easy to perform one-off inspections, but also has ample access for either batch inspection or to facilitate automatic loading. With a large measuring volume and small overall footprint the Extol can be positioned exactly where the measurement is needed.

Now Available With Tactile Scanning

The Extol can now be supplied with a Renishaw SP25M scanning module, increasing inspection speed for complex parts and allowing additional metrology functionality. Innovative implementation and low profile mounting allows the probe to be switched between scanning and touch-probe effortlessly, giving more freedom for shop floor measurements.

Closed Loop Automated Production Process

The automatic tool offset correction available with the Aberlink 3D software compliments the attributes of the Extol perfectly allowing utilisation as part of a fully automated production process in the midst of a manufacturing environment. Enabling 360° manufacturing, the CMM automation interface adds the capability for Aberlink 3D programs to be remotely controlled and monitored using an external system allowing an Aberlink CMM to be integrated with an automated component handling system, whether this be a fully controlled, PLC driven manufacturing system, a robotic loader or an automatic bar feeder.

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