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3D Inline Optical Measurement of Battery Cell Modules

senswork, an expert in machine vision systems, is presenting ZScan Easy at the Control Exhibition in Hall 8, Stand 8202, a system for fast 3D inline measurement of battery modules. The use of the system ensures comprehensive quality assurance for prismatic and cylindrical battery cell modules in production. This ensures that all functional and safety-relevant features are 100 percent fulfilled.

The production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars is a complex process that involves high material and energy costs. Economical, process-reliable production with minimal waste is therefore crucial.

Three types of batteries are used in electromobility: the pouch cell, the prismatic cell and the cylindrical cell. They mainly differ in their construction and the materials used. The focus of senswork is on the quality control of the prismatic and cylindrical battery modules, which pose special challenges in production due to their design.

The prismatic cell is currently the most common format for electric cars. It is characterized by an almost perfect combination of energy density and safety with a long service life. However, the production of the cell housing is more complex than with the other two types.

The cylindrical cell is a proven technology in battery manufacturing. Due to its design, this cell type is limited in the maximum charge quantity. This means that many cells are required for high performance.

What all cell types have in common is that they must meet functional and, above all, safety-related requirements. These can often only be checked by three-dimensional measurement of the modules in order to avoid risks such as short circuits or overheating.

At Control, senswork is presenting ZScan Easy, a new system for inline 3D measurement of battery modules using four area scanners from the manufacturer Photoneo, which measures complete battery modules three-dimensionally in just a few seconds and transfers the results directly to production.

Based on the senswork VisionCommander 3D Metrology Framework, typical measurement functions from the GD&T world are used. Both the rapid processing of the 3D data and the calibration of the individual scanners into a coherent coordinate space are unique.

ZScan Easy from senswork is characterized by speed, precision and automation capability. This enables efficient quality control throughout the entire production process. Companies can not only save time and money, but also raise the quality of their battery modules to a new level.

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