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Liberty Robotics Launches AI-Powered Automated Systems

Liberty Reach Inc., a leading supplier of 3D volumetric vision guidance systems for robot applications, recently announced the company has officially rebranded to Liberty Robotics Inc. This change aims to better represent the company’s increased focus on advancements in machine vision and robotic guidance technologies. Accompanied by a new tagline, ‘Machine Vision AI,’ the new name marks a strategic shift towards broader applications in robotics, beyond the company’s established base in the automotive sector.

Liberty Robotics is a key player in providing robotic guidance solutions utilizing 3D vision volumetric sensors and proprietary software within the automotive industry, offering technologies for applications such as body sealing and material handling. With the rebranding, Liberty Robotics intends to maintain its presence in the automotive market while expanding into warehousing and logistics.

Liberty Robotics has also announced the official launch of its flagship suite of robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions, VPick and VPack, which use state-of-the-art AI vision systems to enhance warehouse efficiency and reliability.

VPick intuitively guides robots in warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment centers. The system enhances warehousing processes with its accurate ‘pick on first sight’ capabilities, achieving near 100% pick rates. VPick is designed to pick from a diverse array of pallet types, including mono, mixed, and rainbow pallets, and supports a wide range of operations such as palletizing, depalletizing, and pallet decanting. It is equipped to provide reliable picking capabilities without the necessity for deep learning or pre-training box parameters.

Its design ensures consistent performance despite changes in ambient lighting, supporting high production speeds. The system includes four distinct features, each tailored to address different requirements in the material handling sector. Each function of the VPick suite incorporates slipsheet and empty pallet detection, comprehensive fault troubleshooting, and variable pick tool alignment, all of which are designed to support high levels of picking accuracy and operational reliability.

VPack offers a novel approach to robotic packaging, featuring ad hoc picking capabilities and digital twin technology to support efficient operations. The system measures box dimensions on conveyors in real-time, determining their optimal position on pallets for maximum packing efficiency. VPack is equipped with high-accuracy sensors for precise box detection, and its software simulates thousands of packing scenarios to find the most efficient arrangement. Key features of the system include smart pallet optimization, box anomaly detection, precision box handling technology, an enhanced parcel recovery system, and dual-mode pallet handling, designed to improve packaging efficiency and reliability.

G Neil Haven, CTO of Liberty Robotics Inc., highlighted the technological advancements of these systems, stating, “We are proud to unveil VPick and VPack, which incorporate our proprietary AI vision techniques that build upon current machine learning tools to enhance performance.  We believe that by enhancing the precision and efficiency of robotic material handling systems, we can offer solutions that support our clients in overcoming their operational challenges and achieving their business goals.”

As Bob Berry, President & CEO of Liberty Robotics, Inc., puts it, “These products are crafted to tackle the hurdles encountered in contemporary warehousing and logistics industries, which are in need of automation solutions that are both efficient and dependable. We are excited to roll out these new products to industry.”

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