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December 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

As we approach the holiday season, it’s nearly time to retrospect on the past year. A year marked by elevated interest rates, heightened inflation, and sluggish economic growth, introducing a plethora of uncertainties for those involved in the manufacturing sector. Despite these challenges, it has also been a year of significant technological progress in manufacturing. Equipment suppliers have unveiled innovative new solutions to tackle the evolving landscape of smart manufacturing and automated production, responding to the growing skills shortage. Additionally, these advancements in manufacturing processes address market demands for greater product variations, shorter lead times, and a reduced dependency on global components in critical supply chains.

This year has been a noteworthy period of learning for many of us as we endeavor to comprehend emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, edge computing, generative AI, deep learning, data latency, and various other advancements that are starting to permeate and impact the crucial decision-making processes of quality assurance in product manufacturing. It is undoubtedly a time when we cannot afford to close our minds to these innovations, as they are not only shaping the manufacturing landscape but also influencing the broader world in which we live. The metrology sector, in particular, stands at the core of many of these new technologies.

The Metrology News desk received an extraordinary amount of newsworthy information in 2023, once again highlighting the dynamic nature of the metrology sector that we serve. This underscores its growing significance in bolstering manufacturing automation, contributing to the evolving additive manufacturing sector, and facilitating the transition to a more intelligent manufacturing economy.

As December is a condensed work month, we’ve opted for an early publication. Below, we spotlight a selection of news stories from the past three weeks. We’ll be taking a break until the new year, but anticipate our ‘Year in Review’ article during the holiday period, showcasing the standout stories of 2023—so stay tuned for that. You can access the full library of December articles by clicking here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers and sponsors for their continued support of Metrology News and wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable holiday period.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Unleashing Power of Generative AI in Smart Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, technological advancements continue to redefine industry standards. One such transformative force is Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI), a cutting-edge subset of artificial intelligence that holds immense potential for revolutionizing smart manufacturing processes. In this article, we explore what Generative AI is and how its … read more

Why Modern Metrology is Essential for Future Industrial Practices

As automation increases in manufacturing, metrology will be a vital part of future industrial practices, ensuring quality control and more. Since the early days of inventions, humans have used metrology to advance society. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. This may seem like a simple concept since it’s so ingrained into our society … read more

New Era in Weld Seam Inspection Launched

Mapvision has launched a new multi-camera inspection application for weld seam inspection. When it comes to welded assemblies, the quality of welding is arguably as important as the dimensions of the final part. According to Mapvision, until now, no comprehensive solution existed for checking the existence and quality of the weld seams. Weld seam inspection methods in use today … read more

The Role of Deep Learning in Vision Inspection

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, ensuring product quality is paramount. Vision inspection, an increasingly crucial aspect of quality control, has witnessed a significant transformation with the advent of deep learning technologies. Deep learning optimizes vision inspection in manufacturing, contributing to heightened accuracy, efficiency, and overall product quality … read more

Metrology Centric Manufacturing – Paving the Way for Factory 2030

In the evolving world of advanced manufacturing, the integration of cutting-edge technologies is reshaping the way products are designed, produced, and quality-controlled. One such paradigm shift is the concept of Metrology Centric Manufacturing, a transformative approach that places industrial metrology at the core of the manufacturing process. As we look ahead to the future … read more

CobotScan 3D Scanning Solution Dedicated To Cobot Integration

SMARTTECH3D recently introduced a new solution to its product line that integrates an ultra-small 3D scanning head with a cobot. The CobotScan provides the possibility of creating measurement plans by manually indicating and saving scanning positions allowing users to fully use its capabilities without the need to know the cobot arm programming process … read more

Revolutionizing Manufacturing With Digital Twins

Info-Tech’s latest research delves into the transformative potential of digital twins in manufacturing, highlighting their pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency, product quality, and innovation in an increasingly competitive and technologically advanced industry landscape. In an age where manufacturing is increasingly influenced by rapid technological advancements … read more

Bosch To Use Generative AI In Manufacturing

Bosch is piloting generative AI and foundation models in manufacturing. In initial projects in two Bosch plants in Germany, generative AI creates synthetic images in order to develop and scale AI solutions for optical inspection and optimize existing AI models. Bosch expects that this will reduce the time needed forfor planning, launching, and ramping up AI applications … read more

The Changing Face of Manufacturing Metrology

Metrology has always been vital in precision manufacturing to ensure products meet both quality and design specifications. As industry demands have increased over the years, we have seen a transformation in measurement technology — advances in metrology and improvements to manufacturing capability typically go hand-in-hand. As the company Renishaw celebrates its 50th anniversary … read more

When The Factory Becomes Digital and Smart

Innovation and industrial transformation are two key areas in which Leonardo is investing heavily, aware of the increasingly strategic role that digitalisation will play in the manufacturing industry of the future. This is the path undertaken with the NEMESI project, carried out at the company’s sites Pomigliano d’Arco and Nola in the Naples, Italy area … read more

Bringing Mixed Reality Generative AI To Workers

At the recent Microsoft Ignite 2023 conference Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides was announced which combines the power of generative AI with mixed reality to help frontline workers complete complex tasks and resolve issues faster with less disruption to the flow of work. Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides assists workers in industrial settings who deal with complex … read more

Mastering Automated Automotive Glass Inspection

During the last years, the automotive glass industry has undergone a significant transformation. This change has shifted the industry’s focus from producing small, simple-shaped glass primarily serving the purpose of exterior coverage, to incorporating glass as a design element in new vehicle models. This rapid development, the quantity, complexity and additional functions … read more

Metrologic Group’s Silma and Metrolog X4 V20 Release Announced

Metrologic Group has announced the availability of it Silma and Metrology X4 V20 release. New features are provided in the new X4 version to improve performance, productivity, and data interpretation. Extending its 5-axis capabilities, the company has added Renishaw’s REVO Fringe Probe (RFP) to its repertoire. Metrolog X4 is currently the only software on the market that integrates the RFP … read more

Complying With Quality Assurance Standard For CAD Model Translation

CAD translation validation has become an industry-wide requirement for commercial aircraft subcontract manufacturing via the Boeing DPD (digital product definition) D6-51991 standard. While translation validation software applications have other benefits and uses, the need for this quality control requirement remains mostly driven by the need for safety of flight for passenger aircraft … read more

Digital Metrology Ecosystem Empowers Digital Transformation at Global Auto Supplier

Futaba Industrial is a global automobile stamped parts manufacturer founded in 1945 and headquartered in Okazaki city, Aichi, Japan. Futaba Industrial produces car body parts and exhaust system parts, made by press working, for major car manufacturers. Including subsidiaries, it has over 10,000 employees in 10 factories in Japan and 19 companies in overseas bases … read more

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Set to Transform Automotive Production

Hyundai Motor Group has officially opens the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) to accelerate the delivery of the Group’s human-centric future mobility vision. The facility introduces a new ‘smart urban mobility hub’ concept, which includes a highly automated flexible production system and provides unprecedented ways for electric vehicle buyers … read more

Machine Learning Can Raise CNC Machining Efficiency Levels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) represents an important evolution in computer science and data processing systems which can be used in order to enhance almost every technology-enabled service, products, and industrial applications. A subfield of artificial intelligence and computer science is named machine learning which focuses on using data and algorithms … read more

Cloud-Based App For CNC Machining Optimization Launched

Productive Machines, a spin-out from the Sheffield University Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has unveiled Essential Optimization – a powerful web application that prevents chatter vibrations and  provides engineers with a simple-to-use solution to select optimum, stable spindle speeds and feed rates. The Essential Optimization app, powered by Productive Machines  … read more

GANTRY.SPECTOR Provides Precision and Flexibility For Automated Optical Part Inspection

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, companies need reliable and adaptable quality control systems. The GANTRY.SPECTOR from Mabri Vision combines both as a universal machine vision portal system and is the answer to individual inspection requirements. Due to its combination of state-of-the-art HALCON Machine Vision and advanced AI, GANTRY.SPECTOR offers unparalleled … read more

Real-Time Quality Control In Automated Fibre Placement Using Laser Profile Scanners

A research project undertaken by the Bristol Composites Institute (BCI) at the University of Bristol used laser profile sensors from Micro-Epsilon to detect defects formed during the composites manufacturing process. By linking live laser sensor data with a convolutional neural network (CNN), the team at BCI can conduct real-time automated inspection of manufactured parts … read more

Turbocharging Reverse Engineering With 3D Scanning

An industry-leading custom cab enclosure manufacturer needed to speed up their reverse engineering workflow to meet deadlines and keep up with rising levels of market demand. With their new Artec Leo 3D scanner in hand, the Curtis Industries design engineering team never expected it would slash a full 38 hours off their scan-to-CAD workflow for just one project … read more

Foundry Guarantees Product Quality With 3D Scanning Arm

To perform specific pre-delivery checks and guarantee strict compliance, Fonderies Fraisse is investing in 3D measurement technology with scanner by adopting the Kreon Ace measuring arm. Since Fonderies Fraisse makes increasingly complex parts and prioritises customer satisfaction, it has identified the fact that inspection equipment efficiency is a key factor of success … read more

Stereo Camera Sensor Delivers Automated 3D Inspections

Configuring machine vision inspections in 3D is now possible in a ‘snapshot’, due to the combination of SICK’s powerful and compact Visionary-T Mini AP camera with the new easy-to-use SICK Nova 3D Presence Inspection sensorApp. The SICK Visionary-T Mini AP uses best-in-class time-of-flight snapshot technology to set new standards of data accuracy … read more

Festive Greetings – Measuring Up For The Holidays

In the digital pages where stories unfold, of innovations and technologies bold, may your holiday be merry, your New Year be bright, Filled with accuracy, joy, and pure metrological delight.

So here’s to the readers, the heart of our tale, In the world of precision, where measurements prevail. Happy Holidays, dear readers, from our newsroom to you, may your holidays be precise, and your wishes come true! … read more


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