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CobotScan 3D Scanning Solution Dedicated To Cobot Integration

SMARTTECH3D recently introduced a new solution to its product line that integrates an ultra-small 3D scanning head with a cobot. The CobotScan provides the possibility of creating measurement plans by manually indicating and saving scanning positions allowing users to fully use its capabilities without the need to know the cobot arm programming process. Thanks to this, process automation is user-friendly and available to every user.

SMARTTECH3D CobotScan is an automated solution meant for obtaining precise documentation of the smallest part details. The 3D scanner is dedicated tool for industrial use with an emphasis on quality control, which is based on comparing scan data to its reference CAD model. SMARTTECH3D CobotScan is a versatile scanning solution, created to be integrated with collaborative robots but can also be used as a standalone scanning solution.

Integration with cobot allows full automatization of the measuring process and eliminates the need for positioning markers usage, which significantly increases the efficiency. Combining the solution with a SMARTTECH3D rotary stage, further optimises the 3d scanning process and allows automated alignment of data collected from different directions.

The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software is used to guide user through scanning process and provides useful tools for quality control, such as generating a color map of deviation or cross-section creation. Moreover, the software allows automated creation of ready to print PDF quality reports according to template needed by end user for go/no go analysis or other reporting needs.

The SMARTTECH3D CobotScan follows the VDI / VDE 2634 performance evaluation standard, providing proof of the systems high accuracy of 18 microns. The light sensor housing guarantees the user work safety and stability of the system. High miniaturization enables implementation of the most advanced technology in a highly mobile housing, with its dimensions of 175 mm x 228 mm x 56mm. By using world-class quality stereo system cameras, SMARTTEH3D CobotScan provides very detailed, accurate 3D models, at the same time assuring high measuring speed of 5 million points per second.

The system bundle offered by SMARTTECH3D comes with all of the equipment necessary to connect the scanner with any cobotic arm, calibration, as well as perform the measurement or comparison process.

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