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Metrologic Group’s Silma and Metrolog X4 V20 Release Announced

Metrologic Group has announced the availability of it Silma and Metrology X4 V20 release.

New features are provided in the new X4 version to improve performance, productivity, and data interpretation.

5-Axis Measurement

Extending its 5-axis capabilities, the company has added Renishaw’s REVO Fringe Probe (RFP) to its repertoire. Metrolog X4 is currently the only software on the market that integrates the RFP and that also provides support for both analysing the resulting point cloud and simulation, all in a single software.

The RFP probe increases the multisensor capability of the REVO system by adding non-contact structured light inspection. RFP1 probe is designed for inspection of freeform surfaces and complex geometry with a high point density.

Furthermore, Metrologic Group now proposes new methods to manage 5-axis head trajectory to ensure a constant head angle when measuring curved surfaces.  These methods improve accessibility and facilitate easy programming.

The latest integrations strengthen Metrologic Group’s partnership with Renishaw and emphasize their commitment to innovation.

Catia V6 CAD Support

Metrolog X4 has long supported Catia V5 (CATPart) import, and Metrologic Group is excited to extend its support for Catia V6 (3DXML). Metrolog X4 now has the same level of support Catia V6 as the company provides for its existing Catia V5 import. Metrolog X4 decodes all the Catia V6 import functionalities, CAD geometries, and PMI. This addition ensures Metrolog X4 relevancy with Catia’s new format and ensures a seamless transition for Metrologic Group’s existing customers.

Improved Workcell Management

For users who manage multiple workcells for a single machine, the improved workcell management offers a streamlined and rationalised approach for handling this scenario resulting in workcells that are more easily updated and maintained. An additional advantage is the potential for a substantial 80% reduction in workcell data storage.

Existing customers can download the new version and review the enhanced capabilities of the new release in the dedicated customer space.

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