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Foundry Guarantees Product Quality With 3D Scanning Arm

To perform specific pre-delivery checks and guarantee strict compliance, Fonderies Fraisse is investing in 3D measurement technology with scanner by adopting the Kreon Ace measuring arm.

Since Fonderies Fraisse makes increasingly complex parts and prioritises customer satisfaction, it has identified the fact that inspection equipment efficiency is a key factor of success. Influenced by close collaboration with its customers, Fonderies Fraisse decided to purchase a portable 3D measuring system. After studying various solutions available on the market, it opted for the Kreon measuring arm because of its performance and geographical proximity to Kreon. The measuring arm is responsible for a significant change in its quality process and respects the desire of Fonderies Fraisse to consolidate its customer relations while ensuring the sustainability of its business.

With only a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Fonderies Fraisse had until that point been restricted in the range of checks it could carry out. The size of the CMM imposed limits as to the size of the parts to be checked. Today, with the Kreon measuring arm, the company is able to inspect parts of all sizes, from 10 cm to 70 cm. Furthermore, although the checks performed previously, all by scanning on the CMM, were precise, they took a long time. With the Kreon Skyline Wide 3D scanner and its 200 mm laser line, it is now possible to digitise all the parts much more quickly.

The chosen solution also incorporates Polyworks software to analyse the acquisition data. Most often, thickness mapping is applied to the part to check the compliance of the thickness in zones that cannot be checked in other ways, for example with a standard thickness checker.

The team at Fonderies Fraisse quickly got to grips with the easy-to-use Kreon Ace measuring arm. Several members of personnel, whether they have a professional diploma, a technology degree or a vocational degree, regularly and easily handle the measuring arm, which makes the internal organisation of the measuring operations much more flexible.

“For us, the Kreon arm is a top-of-the-range 3D measurement solution that is still affordable to use. Our team has very easily incorporated it into its quality procedures” comments Emmanuel Déhé, Manager at Fonderies Fraisse.

During the study phase, the Kreon system can be used to inspect the tooling and the first prototype, an essential stage before the full production launch, to ensure that all the specifications and requirements are met. This proactive approach means that the necessary adjustments can be made to guarantee quality from the first stages of production. When mass production starts, a sample of 10% of the parts produced is taken to prevent and detect deviations that could occur over time. These parts are carefully checked using the Kreon measuring arm, so that swift action can be taken to correct any problems and maintain high quality standards.

Recognising the measuring arm’s flexibility, operators began to envisage using it for other applications. These include checking excessive machining thicknesses and part deformations, which is easy as a result of the acquisition speed and precision of the Skyline Wide scanner. After data acquisition, a comparison is made with CAD using colour mapping to easily visualise potential deviations. The team can also imagine using the Kreon system for reverse engineering operations, after further training in the software.

More generally, the introduction of the Kreon solution contributes to the company’s continuous improvement approach. It joins other testing and inspection processes established in the company: spectrophotometer, 3D measuring machine, micrography, hardness test, tensile tests, dye penetration, etc.

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