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December 2021 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

As we edge towards the holidays most of us will be glad to see the back of yet another ‘annus horribilis’. Driven once again by COVID protocols and restrictions, we all learnt to engage with our tasks, colleagues, customers and partners with new digital tools and amended procedures. 2021 again brought numerous challenges to us all and “just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water” the shark rears its ugly head again, pushing much of the world back into restrictions to daily lives once again. With just a few days to the start of festivities many countries are reimposing restrictions on its citizens, and what they can, and cannot do, over the holidays in terms of meeting family and friends.

2022 looks to be starting under a cloud of restrictions, certainly in Europe, and for the third consecutive year many of the physical events scheduled for the first quarter ’22 will surely be forced to go on-line, or proceed with severe restrictions on entry qualification. Economically companies in the metrology sector have adjusted with incredible resilience and most are delivering stellar financial results – in what remain very difficult business circumstances. We all continue to wait patiently the return of our past freedoms and ‘free-spirit’ travels.

2021 supplied an abundance of sector news coming across the Metrology News desk exhibiting just how dynamic the sector remains and its increasing role in supporting automation efforts and the relentless migration to smart manufacturing.

With December being a short month, we have published early and highlight below a selection of the news stories from the past 3 weeks. We will go dark until the new year but will publish our ‘Year in Review’ article over the holiday period featuring our stand-out stories of 2021 – so watch out for this. The complete library of December articles can be accessed by clicking here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks or readers and sponsors for their continued support of Metrology News and wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Platform Enables Manufacturing Asset Performance Monitoring

Cloud-native CNC machine-tool asset management introduced by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division connects to almost any machine-tool, enabling machine shops to optimize their return on investment (ROI) using its real-time status dashboards with mobile operator alerts and enabling global manufacturers to analyze machine fleet utilization across multiple plants. Increasing overall equipment effectiveness … read more

Porsche Revving Up Manufacturing With 5G

Driving the future of the automotive industry: A research partnership between Ericsson and Porsche is leveraging the power of 5G to accelerate production capabilities at Porsche’s manufacturing production complex in Leipzig, Germany. Trial project is the first deployment of a private 5G network at any of Porsche’s production complexes … read more

Implementing 3D Scanning in Additive Manufacturing Workflows

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions is a full-service provider of large-format metal parts for a wide range of industries, such as power generation, oil and gas, transportation, heavy equipment, and aerospace and defense. Lincoln Electric has pioneered large-scale metal 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, of prototype, production and replacement parts … read more

Integrating Optical 3D Surface Metrology Into Manufacturing

In-line metrology is used for 100% quality control, while also enabling live feedback for process control. With TopMap, Polytec has established optical 3D surface metrology, that delivers fast and reliable quality control regarding surface quality, especially in mechanical engineering and machining. TopMap are not simple visual inspection tools, but measure entire … read more

Simulation Software Allows Accurate ‘Pre-Distortion’ Of Part Design For AM

Maintaining the consistency and quality of hand-made titanium bicycle components isn’t easy, it takes consummate skill, care and time. Angel Cycle Works challenged Optimus3D to provide a metal additive manufacturing (AM) solution that would produce a stem component in a small series quantity to a perfectly uniform quality standard. Optimus3D provides … read more

Aviation Supplier Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Industrial X-Ray Testing

The aviation supplier PFW Aerospace, a subsidiary of the French company Hutchinson, is testing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure demanding quality standards in non-destructive material testing (NDT). The aim is to optimize economic efficiency in quality assessment tasks. As part of a pilot program, supplier of customer-specific … read more

Painless Confocal Microscope Measurement of Dental Implants

To ensure that dental implants grow into the jaw quickly and without complications, they require a specific roughness of their surface properties. Teeth are as individual as the people they belong to. The manufacture of dental prostheses, which is still done manually and is very time-consuming, is correspondingly individual … read more

3D Printing Eyes The Future of Prosthetics

Prosthetic eye replacements will be manufactured by 3D printers in the future – Fraunhofer IGD has developed a number of technologies that supersedes the current and entirely manual production of individual prostheses. The Fraunhofer’s Cuttlefish:Eye software utilizes a 3D scan of the eye socket and a colour-calibrated photo of the … read more

New Report Predicts Manufacturing Transformation by 2030

In the latest Ericsson IndustryLab Future of Enterprises report the widespread transformation of manufacturing enterprises in the coming years is predicted, including a rapid rise in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) – enabled production tools such as augmented reality, exoskeletons and remote control. The report also forecasts new factory set-ups … read more

Vision AI Assistant Transforms Images Into Actionable Insights

Industrial software company, AVEVA, driving digital transformation and sustainability, to has launched Vision AI Assistant 2021 – an image classification-based analytics tool. The artificial intelligence (AI) solution, which can be integrated into AVEVA System Platform and Operations Management Interface and AVEVA Insight, enables customers to use video and images from existing general-purpose cameras … read more

3D Scanner Aids Personalized Mobility Vehicle Design

For over 20 years, the mission of the Paravan GmbH, has been to provide disabled people mobility and a new lease on life. Today, PARAVAN is a modern research and development company with over 160 employees and partners in many countries. The company’s headquarters is located in the tranquil town of … read more

3D Scan of Gigantic Gas Engine Generates 300 Million Polygons

Modern, professional-grade 3D scanners can capture all kinds of objects – from tiny things such as a screw or a human tooth to much larger and more complex objects including vehicles, rooms, or even entire buildings. You can use them from the comfort of your own desk, or take them … read more

ZEISS Report Record Business Year

The ZEISS Group has reported that it ended its 2020/21 fiscal year  (reporting period ending 30 September 2021) with revenues rising by 20% to 7.529 billion euros (previous year: 6.297 billion euros) with over 90% of the reported revenue was generated in markets outside Germany. Earnings before interest and tax … read more

The Measure of the Holidays …

The holiday season is arriving – Another year almost complete – Business has remained resilient – Despite the challenges that abound. We found plenty to report – In what proved another difficult year – We appreciation all our readers – And will return again next year. We truly value our sponsors – As we published the latest news – We also value our industry relationships – And the engagement that ensues. Bring on your festive spirit – Enjoy family and friends – Lets all recharge our batteries – And be ready for work again next year. … read more

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