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2021 – Manufacturing Metrology Year in Review

We look back over 2021 and highlight Metrology News articles shaping the future of manufacturing metrology along with exclusive interviews with industry experts.

A Vision of the 2030’s Shaped by Metrology

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has run a Foresighting project to explore the implications of new technologies and trends which may change why and how we perform measurements in the future. Using a well-established set of tools to gather information on emerging trends, detailed input was collected from industry … read more

Inline Measurement Delivers Improved Manufacturing Process Control

Inline Measurement is commonly understood as automatic measurements executed within a manufacturing process. If measurements are included within an automatic manufacturing process they are deemed in-process measurements while if integrated within a manufacturing line then the process is considered inline. If the measurement operation it’s separate from … read more

Role of Portable Measurement in Smart Factories

Portable measuring equipment has had a meteoric rise in its role supporting the various aspects of manufacturing over past decades including the applications of reverse engineering, prototype part inspection, low volume production measurements, tooling and fixture inspection and alignment, interrogation of quality issues … read more

Metrology – Fuelling Industry 4.0 Data Driven Production

When looking at the place of metrology in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ it is interesting to ponder whether industry 4.0 is being driven by developments in metrology or metrology developments are being driven by Industry 4.0. Today’s most sophisticated metrology systems drive quality assurance (QA) which has become a fundamental digital task which in and of itself facilitates … read more

Drone-Integrated Metrology Takes Flight at Lockheed Martin

The F-35 Lightning II is an all-weather stealth combat aircraft. it is critical that the ‘as built’ metrology is confirmed as ‘near perfect’ to the design. Currently, inspection is done by hand at Lockheed Martin’s production facility. Gantries are assembled above the craft and workers use handheld scanners extended at arm’s length … read more

Would You Like Extra Capability with Your Measurement Today?

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) sensors continues to evolve allowing more complex part geometries and applications to be measured with increased accuracy. The CMM remains an integral tool in the inspection room of most manufacturing companies. In this article we look as some of the sensor developments that continue to expand CMM … read more

Do you need a Metrologist or an Instrument Operator?

The answer may seem obvious to some of the readers. However, from some industry players perspective, the distinction between a metrologist and an instrument operator (Laser tracker, CMM, 3D scanner, even conventional) can be hard to grasp. The International Vocabulary of Metrology defines the metrology as the ‘science of measurement and its application’. A metrologist is then a specialist … read more

Photogrammetry Increasingly Used for Automated Production Measurements

Over the past two decades, the industrial design and manufacturing technology infrastructure has changed significantly. 2D component drawings have been replaced by complex 3D CAD models. Tooling, molds, and production equipment are today designed with the aid of 3D simulations, and produced using associated CAM systems. Design and free-form surfsurfaces are becoming more … read more

A World of Data in Tablet Form

Where production experts used to inspect machines and check parts, tablets have now become the everyday tool to track processes and intervene if necessary. This is the world of the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. By connecting its operations with the latest in IT, and by digitalizing all its processes … read more

Applying Digital Technology to Manufacturing

For Audi, the secret to success is a commitment to using cutting-edge technology to build high-quality vehicles that deliver precision engineering, exceptional performance, and luxury. Audi auto manufacturing is very advanced with many production jobs, from spot welding to riveting, fully automated … read more

Unlocking Standards For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The UK’s National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) partners, NPL, BSI and UKAS with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have published Standards for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an Action Plan to unlock the value of standards for innovation. Advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, super-fast intelligent communications networks and … read more

Challenges and Benefits of On-Machine Measurement

When machine tools were less accurate and ubiquitous methods for controlling the environment in and around the machine tool were rare, there was a veritable prohibition on performing probe-on-spindle, on-machine, and in-process measurement (IPM). Manufacturers are now not prohibiting On-Machine Measurement (OMM), but there is persistent suspicion of its value … read more

ISO Standard – A Simplified Process for Tracker Interim Testing

Maintaining confidence in laser tracker and laser radar accuracy has taken a significant leap forward with the release of the ISO 10360-10:2021 on August 31 2021. The big picture is that this new ISO Standard has been simplified, with a reduced number of required measurements. More significantly for end-users, Annex E … read more

Adaptive Manufacturing With Metrology Feedback

Manufacturing high precision parts at lower costs and higher efficiency requires integration of complex dimensional measurement within the manufacturing system. This article by Ray Karadayi,  President & CEO at Applied Automation Technologies, discusses how a manufacturing machine can be made to perform complex dimensional measurements traditionally performed on coordinate measuring … read more

Quality 4.0 – The Growing Need for Fully Automated Inspection

A wide range of manufacturing industries such as automotive are supported by the outstanding capabilities of their manufacturing sites. Attention is now focused on a future guided by the concepts of ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Smart Factory’ that aim at a radical shift toward an integrated factory … read more

ISO Organization Publishes ‘Smart Manufacturing’ White Paper

For the last two and a half centuries manufacturing has been an important component of our global society. Manufacturing has evolved though paradigm changes, commonly known as ‘industrial revolutions’. These four revolutions (the first three are considered to be steam and water power, electricity, and automation) have had a great … read more

The Future at Sandvik – Smart Factories Driven by Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Metrology News sat down with Kim Hansen – Vice President Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions and President for the Metrology division – at Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions for a discussion on the recently announced acquisitions and their entry into digital manufacturing technologies  … read more

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