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Integrating Optical 3D Surface Metrology Into Manufacturing

In-line metrology is used for 100% quality control, while also enabling live feedback for process control. With TopMap, Polytec has established optical 3D surface metrology, that delivers fast and reliable quality control regarding surface quality, especially in mechanical engineering and machining.

TopMap are not simple visual inspection tools, but measure entire surfaces in 3D with high resolution. Unlike purely camera-based inspection systems, the 3D measurement technology also gathers height data, which is essential for detecting defects. Based on white-light interferometry the 3D topography of the entire surface is directly recorded, in contrast to the profile-based 2D representation of conventional stylus techniques.

TopMap surface metrology allows the detailed and fast evaluation of surface form parameters such as flatness or step height without contact and in addition the characterization of roughness and structural details. Due to the high measuring speed and comprehensive characterization of surfaces, this measuring method is suitable for manufacturing processes with high throughput and short cycle times.

Polytec goes one step further with its optical measurement technology: Sensors and measuring heads can be integrated into the production lines for semi- and fully automated operation. TopMap software solutions enables to define routine measurement tasks in advance, modify or save them, so the production level operator just calls up the respective program for each component for a simplified and accelerated testing, that prevents operator errors. Whether its automatic pattern recognition or the multi-sample measuring capability in a single shot, the options and special configurations for TopMap 3D surface metrology keep the operation simple.

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