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Robot Integrated 3D Scanner Provides Complete Process Automation

Modern advanced 3D scanners are widely used in the automotive sector, medicine, archaeology, museology, and even forensics- the 3D scanning technology enables the accurate representation of the object in digital form. Three-dimensional models are successfully used in the processes like automatic quality control or reproduction of manufactured elements with the use of 3D printing. Taking into consideration the rapid technological development of industry and ongoing production automatization processes, smart factories are becoming a necessity for enterprises wishing to satisfy the growing quality standards needs of their customers.

Meeting contemporary expectations, SMARTTECH3D has introduced a modern solution – SMARTECH3D Robotized, a device that integrates a 3D scanning technology with the KUKA industrial robotic arm. This system is used for non-contact and automatic digitalization, quality control, and reverse engineering. The entire SMARTTECH3D ROBOTIZED system is designed for maximal automatization of all processes and thereby- minimizing the risk of human errors. Automation of the calibration process gives the user a guarantee of achieving the measurement accuracy declared by the manufacturer, regardless of the operator’s experience. That increases the reliability of the work line and allows easy integration with the quality systems in the enterprise. Thanks to the highest on the market resolution-detection featuring two 20MP cameras, the system perfectly captures even the smallest defects and sub-millimeter details, that have been impossible to describe in standard 3D scanning prosses. The SMARTTECH3D Robotized solution will be helpful on the production line, as well as design studios.

The premiere demonstration of the device recently took place online. During the webinar, SMARTTECH3D specialists presented live the possibilities of a solution designed to run a complete unmanned process. Automated measurements allow for significant acceleration of measuring large collections of objects, and the workstation does not require experience or technical education from the operator. Such functionality allows to reduces labor costs and significantly shortens the training necessary for employees to start working with the system.

“The whole process is so automated, that we can complete 100% quality control for the entire batch in a short time.” – assures Krzysztof Gębarski, CEO of SMARTTECH3D. The heart of the solution is efficient, easy-to-use SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which controls the robotic arm and the whole 3D scanning process. The advanced algorithms allows also subsequent data processing. The program enables creating measurement plans and generating control reports with pass/ fail annotations. A unique feature of the solution is the ability to display a color map of deviations directly on the scanned object, created as a result of comparing the 3D scan with the CAD model.

In addition to using the device in the industrial sector, due to the possibility of scanning the true color of the object, the solution can also be used for the digitalization of cultural heritage. The automation of the process combined with the classification of exhibits according to their size, enables a safe and non-invasive 3D measurement of the entire artifact collection, resulting in accurate documentation of the collection. Due to the precision of mapping, data from the 3D scanner can be successfully used during morphological research, to create a digital data catalog or to organize a virtual museum.

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