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Automotive OEM Reduces BIW Inspection Time Seven Fold

Metrologic Group specializes in integrated 3D measurement software solutions, universal and compatible with all measurement technologies on the market and a major player in the automotive industry, have recently carried out a joint project to automate and standardize a multi-robot measurement system, connected to an automotive manufacturing line.

The joint project has been validated by the automotive manufacturer onto its assembly lines. By utilizing Metrologic Group’s software solutions the automotive OEM has been able to optimize its supply chain workflow while reducing by seven fold previous measurement cycle times.

All the measurement capabilities of conventional inspection machines, equipped with contact probing systems (CMM) in laboratories, have been transferred to the robotic technology solutions directly integrated to the production line with the measuring cells equipped with radar laser instruments allowing for non-contact laser measurements.

3D Measurement Process Transferred From Laboratory Directly To Production Line

The control of the system is carried out in ‘by-pass’ mode, perfectly integrated into the production line, and within the vehicle assembly process. This solution allows to maintain the availability of the assembly line, control all critical characteristics, and provide the same quality of measurements as the original three-dimensional CMM machines.

Measurement performance accuracy, along with the complete measurement applications, is driven by Metrologic Group’s Metrolog X4 i-Robot software in the automated environment which has been approved by the automotive manufacturer.

Complete Solution Driven Using Metrolog X4 i-Robot Software

The requirement of the automotive group fit perfectly with the Metrologic Group’s i-Robot software workflow. The measurement solution connects directly into the assembly line and the system provides complete inspection automation. A range of specific applications has been developed allowing improved understanding of production constraints:

– Robot trajectories optimization according to required measurements to achieve specifications

– Management of data acquisition to calculate and analyze dimensional entities

– Automatic generation of optimized inspection paths with robot trajectories and extraction strategies with Silma X4 i-Robot)

– Integration of OEM manufacturer specific measurement and inspection rules within Metrolog X4 i-Robot

Metrologic Group Paves Way Forward Into Industry 4.0

In the context of industrial digitalization, the project was co-piloted by Metrologic Group’s Design Office and its Robotic Projects Team, which allowed the automotive group to meet dual objectives – guarantee the quality of its vehicles and the competitiveness of its industrial systems and to better position themselves as a world class automotive manufacturer.

Metrologic Group capitalizes on more than 40 years of 3D metrology expertise, including 10 years in robotic measurement, in the most demanding of industrial environments, offering a range of flexible solutions meeting future industry challenges.

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