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Hybrid Cloud Platform Ushers in Industry 5.0 Autonomous Manufacturing

Autonomous systems supplier, Adapdix Corporation, has announced Adapdix EdgeOps, a software platform that combines autonomous control with distributed DataMesh technology to enable autonomous manufacturing. It delivers high performance, substantial operational efficiencies, and cost savings for manufacturing businesses.

“What’s different about EdgeOps is that we are pioneering autonomous systems that make the enterprise adaptive, by enabling real-time equipment self-correction and optimization. With DataMesh technology at the core of our platform, we help companies uncover, understand, and recognize value from the data that they already generate,” said Anthony Hill, Founder & CEO at Adapdix. “The customers that we focus on – precision manufacturing and other industrial sectors – are generating large amounts of data at the edge. Manufacturing applications are particularly challenging because they require distributed data management and analysis that delivers insights in milliseconds. Additionally, EdgeOps provides our customers the ability to scale autonomous applications from the equipment to the enterprise level, delivering value never before realized. Ultimately, this approach helps customers execute their hybrid cloud strategy.”

For the last decade, manufacturers have embarked on a journey commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. While some have recognized gains from their efforts, many are stuck in ‘Pilot Purgatory.’ Edge-to-cloud integration, remote connectivity, and autonomous manufacturing are far more than conceptual. These technological innovations are already upon us, and recent disruptions like the global chip shortage, supply chain delays, labor challenges, and COVID-19 have accelerated many of those dimensions. Today, manufacturers must ask what’s next. How can they meet their never-ending productivity goals and launch their facilities into the next industrial revolution – Industry 5.0 – where humans and machines interact seamlessly to optimize their operations?

“Recent disruptions have also served as a catalyst for innovation, growth, and business transformations,” said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide AI and Automation Research at IDC. “Combined with the ever-growing volume and complexity of data generated at the edge, operational leaders are searching for hybrid cloud solutions that can deliver real-time operational value while intelligently managing data across both edge and cloud endpoints. By integrating the technology of recently acquired Edge Intelligence into the EdgeOps platform, Adapdix now provides hybrid cloud software built to execute AI/ML at the edge combined with a next-generation distributed data management system enabling customers to maintain data where it’s generated, but query and analyze that data globally.”

Ushering in this Industry 5.0 vision, EdgeOps’ modern containerized architecture captures, stores, analyzes, and synchronizes data, delivering machine intelligence and autonomous control of advanced manufacturing environments – all in milliseconds. EdgeOps improves latency, security, privacy, and cost, by bringing applications to your data as opposed to requiring you to move your data to the application. Leveraging the power of our DataMesh to merge data of all types, EdgeOps bridges any data silos that may exist by linking events across multiple sources. This improves application performance, data quality, and contextualization, which forms the foundation for autonomous systems control.

The prescriptive optimization and autonomous control delivered by EdgeOps has delivered rapid and sustained ROI. For example, customers have measured a 45% reduction in equipment maintenance costs, downtime reduced by 50%, and 20% increases in throughput. Adapdix software is used by customers across a variety of industrial verticals, including top semiconductor manufacturers, to improve operational performance.

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