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Volume Graphics Releases Enhancements To VGSTUDIO MAX

Version 2022.3 of VGSTUDIO MAX is now available offering an impressive array of enhancements and capabilities. Version 2022 marked the beginning of a fundamentally new release rhythm at Volume Graphics, with a targeted quarterly frequency. The latest version includes the following:

Coordinate Measurement: Measurement plans now contain all possible alignments, including complex sequential alignments. It has never been easier to transfer a measurement plan from one part to another without the need for separate alignment macros. With the latest developments in geometric tolerancing, evaluating profile tolerances is now 10 times faster, more accurate and more powerful than before – even with tolerances that have hundreds of thousands of measurement points. Enhanced Tolerance Support for ASME Standards has been added allowing direct use of modifier symbols avoiding time-consuming workarounds.

Nominal/Actual Comparison: The latest releases provides a new displacement analysis feature as an alternative to nominal/actual comparisons, especially for distorted parts. With unique hairline visualizations, users can now see which points on an actual object correspond to points on the nominal object. This feature comes with hairline display, tolerancing, and a histogram. Import and export simulation meshes can now be made directly in BDF format without having to convert them beforehand. Users can now also export the individual node movement of a mesh compensation as a Hexagon MSC MARC ASCII file.

Porosity/Inclusion Analysis:   In previous versions it was only possible to tolerance the maximum number of pores with a P 203. Now users can do the same with a standard porosity/inclusion analysis. Optimized performance of defect filter has been added allowing the filtering of a large number of defects boosting the speed of porosity/inclusion analyses of up to 20%.

Additionally enhancements have also been added for Sliced Area Analysis, Volume Meshing, Automation and Reporting and Traceability.

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