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CAD2SCAN Named Best Machine Vision Innovation

Israel-based smart inspection planning company has announced that its CAD2SCAN software received the VISION Award for best innovation in the machine vision industry. The award was presented at the recent VISION show in Stuttgart, Germany.

CAD2SCAN technology significantly simplifies setup of robotic inspection systems using CAD-based automated inspection planning. It expands the capabilities of Kitov’s software platform and allows for complete automation of product inspection from the CAD to the actual manufacturing line. Quality engineers can define their inspection requirements directly on a complex CAD model, simply and intuitively, saving weeks or even months compared to manual programming.

“Being recognized with the VISION Award reflects on the incredible capabilities of our CAD2SCAN technology as a leap forward in automatic inspection planning,” said Dr. Yossi Rubner, founder and CTO of “We would like to thank VISION for this honor and congratulate the other finalists on their innovative technologies.”

Particularly useful for parts with complex geometries, CAD2SCAN automatically extracts specific geometric and semantic information for each inspection requirement marked on the CAD. This information is passed on to the relevant semantic detectors performing the inspection tasks. In addition to having built-in semantic detectors such as surface, label, screw, and existence detectors,’s open software platform allows easy integration of third-party detectors that can benefit from the planning and reporting services provided by the platform. CAD2SCAN also optimizes inspection plans with accuracy and throughput in mind, guaranteeing full coverage while reducing robot motion and the number of images needed to cover all regions of interest, minimizing total inspection time.

Automatic CAD-based inspection planning is a game-changer for industries that manufacture complex parts and products. CAD2SCAN technology is implemented as a plugin to common CAD software systems. (currently available for SOLIDWORKS and Creo.) It also supports the QIF (quality information framework) ISO standard and can parse visual inspection requirements embedded into it.

The CAD2SCAN project was funded by the Israel–U.S. BIRD (Binational Industrial Research and Development) Foundation and completed in partnership with Capvidia, a provider of model-based definition technology. In February 2021 Mitutoyo Corporation announced a partnership agreement enabling Mitutoyo to integrate Kitov’s technologies across its metrology solutions. As part of the agreement, Mitutoyo invested and became a shareholder in Kitov.

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