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Updated Smart Metrology Software Enables Closed Loop Manufacturing

Applied Automation Technology (AAT3D) has announced the latest version of its CAPPS metrology software. CAPPS 2024 combines the powerful metrology capabilities of the current version with improved robust graphics and user interface providing improved usability and navigation experience.

CAPPSNC software allows the creation of measurement process data directly on CNC machine tools and allows the sharing of data with all manufacturing devices to ensure manufacturing plants are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. CAPPSNC is designed for on-machine probing on CNC machine tools allowing the programming of inspection routines in the familiar ISO standard DMIS language. The generated inspection program is automatically converted to G-Code and posted to the machine tool. The CNC machine tool carries out the inspection cycle and returns the data to CAPPSNC for analysis and reporting while the program is running. With its bi-directional interface, CAPPSNC can interpret the measurement results and send the required offsets back to the machine tool enabling ‘closed-loop feedback’ – the essence of Smart Manufacturing. CappsNC supports machine probing technologies from all the major suppliers including Renishaw, BLUM, Marposs, and Heidenhein, along with analog and non-contact laser scanning probes. CAPPSNC is a DMG MORI Qualified Product allowing dimensional metrology data to be used in hyperflexible, self-adapting manufacturing processes.

CAPPSDMIS is a universal metrology software solution for coordinate measuring machines. CAPPSDMIS and CAPPSNC utilize the same graphical interface and share the DMIS language to make learning the software an easy task. CAPPSDMIS is designed for use with CMM, Renishaw Equator Gauges, and portable arm CMMs. CAPPSDMIS supports standard touch probes, Renishaw 5-axis probe heads as well as various non-contact laser scanning sensors.

CAPPS 2024, the latest iteration of AAT3D’s flagship software product, is packed with new features and enhancements designed to empower users to achieve their quality goals.

New software innovations include a Bubble Menu which allows graphical changes such as zoom, pan, and rotate accessible on the graphics screen. Simulation Control provides new simulation tools to control the speed of execution during offline programming. Quick Menu layout enhancements, with updated easy to understand icons, providing greater user efficiency. A new and improved graphics engine, with quicker importing of large and complex CAD models, with Multiple View Ports allowing users to add up to four different views of the part under inspection simultaneously on the graphics screen.

“In its fourth decade of existence, with the new edition of our CAPPS software, AAT3D provides universal metrology solutions all across the factory with a common user interface and a data management for a closed loop smart factory” comments Applied Automation Technology company Founder and CEO Ray Karadayi.

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