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Updated PointShape Design 1.1.3 Adds New Features and Improvements

PointShape Design is a reverse engineering software that creates parametric CAD models from scan data. The software offers a familiar design process and user interface so that users can easily perform reverse engineering. PointShape Design draws its main strength from having a CGM kernel ‘CATIA’ based Reverse Engineering and is based upon a Hoops Visualization Platform

PointShape Design was first released in April 2022 and has already been recognized by end users due to to its user-friendliness.

The Dream T&S team has now announced the release of a new version of PointShape Design that includes new features such as Constraints and 3D sketch tools allowing end users to easily control their 2D sketches and create 3D models. In addition, existing features have been upgraded to make the software more resilient.

3D Sketch Tools Features include:

– 3D spline with Mesh for creating smooth curves

– Split 3D spline for splitting 3D splines into multiple lines

– Resampling 3D spline for creating multiple nodes to control the curvature

PointShape Design Eliminates Complex Digital Workflows

PointShape Design addresses a variety of reverse engineering and design challenges across industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Heritage Preservation, Industrial Machinery, Engineering Services, Computer, and the like.

It is commonly known that reverse engineering is routinely applied throughout the manufacturing and maintaining processes. However, these processes require complex digital workflows. Also, the need for significant experience and access to multiple tools can create bottlenecks for many organizations. DREAMTNS has brought metrology experts together and developed the software to streamline these workflows. With PointShape Design, engineers and operators can easily achieve a high-quality, manufacturing-ready result.

DREAMTNS was founded in 2005, headquartered in South Korea, and has become known as an engineering and software development company. With solid experience, technology, R&D, and know-how in the 3D scanning industry accumulated over the years, the company has released several software applications for engineering industries.

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