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Technology Day 2022 To Showcase Innovative Technologies For Industrial Quality Assurance With Image Processing

The Fraunhofer Vision division is organizing its next Technology Day on October 19 and 20, 2022 in Fürth, Germany. Under the motto “Innovative technologies for industrial quality assurance with image processing”, the format of the technology day offers a broad overview of practice-relevant technologies in image processing and optical measurement technology.

Image processing and non-contact measuring and testing technology are used successfully across all stages of industrial value creation. Innovative technologies support the development and qualification of new products, serve to secure and objectify manufacturing processes and enable fast quality control loops in the production cycle.

Technology Day offers an overview and perspectives

The annual Fraunhofer Vision Technology Day offers a broad overview of practice-relevant image processing technologies and optical measurement and testing technology, and the related topic of acoustic monitoring is also taken up.

First, in two introductory lectures, future trends and perspectives in image processing and optical measurement technology will be highlighted, with reference to the current transformation in automotive engineering, for example.

Other current topics this year include the 3D measurement of transparent objects including robot-based bin picking and light field technologies for capturing the 3D shape and surface of complex components. The potential of artificial intelligence is demonstrated using several application examples, e.g. the microstructure evaluation of metallic surfaces, the anomaly detection of components or smart farming.

In the subject area “Measuring and testing below the surface”, the focus is on new developments in different NDT technologies. Examples are material sorting with X-rays or optical coherence tomography for the inspection of thin layers. The look inside the material is rounded off by further developments in the field of thermography and high-frequency radar.

Acoustic monitoring is also represented with an application from machining production, where improved quality testing is possible using acoustic signal analysis and artificial intelligence.

The accompanying trade exhibition shows innovations live in relation to the lectures and offers a forum to deepen the dialogue with the experts and make new contacts.

The Technology Day is aimed at those interested in image processing and optical and acoustic measurement and testing technology for quality assurance in almost all sectors who are looking for information on the practical use of these technologies in an industrial environment, as well as at representatives in the field of research and development.  

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