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Tool Manufacturer Invests in Digital Microscope To Provide Complete Tool Investigation

UK based Rainford Precision has invested in a Keyence digital microscope to provide a complete tool investigation and consultancy service for customers. Offering  extensive ranges of drills, end mills, reamers, thread-mills and complementary tools, from universally standard dimensions down to the micro range. It is in this micro range that the new Keyence VHX-970FN digital microscope will enable Rainford to assist their customers to diagnose and maximise the performance of micro and precision cutting tools.

The company supplies numerous cutting tools to the micro and precision engineering industries that are beyond the remit and scale of other cutting tool vendors. Striving to optimise and enhance their service and performance offering for their clients, Rainford has invested a significant amount in the Keyence system.

Rainford Precision managing director Miles Evans said: “When you are servicing customers with tools below 0.2mm in diameter, diagnosing and optimising tool life and performance is a challenge. The Keyence system will enable us to provide a unique service to our customers within the cutting tool marketplace.”

With a magnification range from 100 to 1000, Rainford’s experts can analyse standard and micro-tools then investigate and resolve the barriers to optimum performance.

Cutting tools smaller than 0.5mm in diameter can naturally pose issues when investigating performance and tool life issues. With the Keyence VHX-970FN, Rainford can provide an after-sales service that is aimed at delivering improved tool life, machining performance, productivity and consistency. By investigating the wear characteristics of customers’ tools and armed with the cutting data, the experts at Rainford can diagnose issues from a multitude of factors.

For example, if the cutting speeds, feeds and machining parameters are impacting performance, Rainford will be able to diagnose this from investigations with the Keyence microscope. Likewise, concentricity, tool holding and the associated concerns of rigidity, balance and stability could also be diagnosed and potentially rectified through Rainford’s exceptional service and product portfolio.

This unique service is available for all customers. For existing customers, the service will provide a comprehensive feedback loop with full reporting and recommendations to maximise the machining performance of tools purchased through Rainford.

Additionally, all potential customers who may be experiencing issues with their current cutting tools, whoever the manufacturer may be, and want investigate potential solutions will be able to send their tools to Rainford’s experts. It will endeavour to optimise performance and make a reliable consistent process with tooling from Rainford.

Evans added: “We wanted to find a way to enhance our offering to our customers and feel that, by offering this new service and combining it with our niche expertise, it will provide our customers with true benefits.” 

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