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Trescal Announce Further Calibration Acquisitions Including A.A. Jansson

Trescal, a global leader in calibration services, has announced the acquisition of A.A. Jansson in the United States, Lumadae and ACCI in Brazil, Q&Q in South Korea, SP Metrology System in Thailand. Together, these acquisitions represent €12M ($13.2M) in sales and 200 employees.

Based in Michigan, A.A. Jansson generates €2M in sales. It specializes in dimensional calibrations, especially for gage blocks which it resurfaces before calibration in a temperature and humidity controlled facility.

In Brazil, ACCI and Lumadae bolster Trescal Brazil’s liquid flow calibration and repair capabilities in Sao Paulo state. They represent combined revenue of €5M. Their accreditations in density and liquid flow help serve chemical, energy and water supply companies in Brazil.

Q&Q is the largest calibration company in Busan with revenue of €3.7M. As the market leader in South Korea, Trescal now becomes the leader in the Busan region. It will also reinforce the local technical offer, especially in gas and liquid flow.

SP Metrology System provides calibration services for over 1,500 customers near Bangkok and generates €1.3M in sales. The broad scope of 19 domains, including dimensional, chemical and time and frequency, along with its food and beverage client portfolio will complement Trescal Thailand’s existing capabilities.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal CEO: “With Q&Q, we are thrilled to celebrate our 100th acquisition since Trescal’s independence in 2007. These acquisitions reflect our constant desire to balance our market exposure between geographies, industries and domains.”

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