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API Announces Return of Laser Tracker ‘Try It and Buy It’ Program

Automated Precision (API), a global leader in dimensional metrology solutions, has reintroduced its popular “Try It and Buy It” (TiBi) program. This initiative is designed to support new customers who are keen on evaluating the groundbreaking Laser Tracker technology.

The “Try It and Buy It” program offers eligible customers the unique opportunity to use the API Radian Plus, vProbe, and/or iScan3D in their facility for up to two weeks, completely free of charge. This hands-on experience allows businesses to witness the unparalleled precision and efficiency of API’s products firsthand.

What the API TiBi Program Includes:

➤ A turnkey Radian Plus Laser Tracker

➤ Tracker Stand

➤ Laptop Computer with Measuring Software

➤ Comprehensive Tracker Tool Kit

➤ Dedicated API Technical Support

➤ Optional vProbe/iScan3D

“At API, our commitment has always been to equip our customers with the best in dimensional metrology. The ‘Try It and Buy It’ program is a testament to this dedication, offering unparalleled value to the industry. We believe in our products, and we want our customers to experience their capabilities firsthand.” comments Joe Bioty, President of API. “As the company motto goes  – Once you try API, you won’t want to buy from anyone else.”

vProbe: The vProbe is a handheld tactile probe designed to work in tandem with the Radian Laser Tracker, enabling precise contact measurements and inspections. Its versatility allows users to capture data from intricate and hard-to-reach places, complementing the non-contact capabilities of the laser tracker.

iScan3D: The iScan3D is a high-speed, IFM-based 3D scanning system designed to capture intricate details with precision. Lightweight and equipped with a 360° swivel head, iScan3D can scan highly reflective and high contrast surfaces, making it ideal for diverse applications including reverse engineering, fixture inspection, and CAD comparisons.

API is committed to ensuring that businesses can skip equipment lead times and get straight to work in their facilities, enhancing productivity and precision.

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