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Sigmetrix Announces Mechanical Variation and Tolerance Analysis Software Partnership with E-SOFT

Sigmetrix, a global leader in mechanical variation and tolerance analysis software, has announced the partnership of E-SOFT France, its new subsidiary based in Paris. This strategic development marks an intensified collaboration with EnginSoft across Europe, aiming to enhance the accessibility of cutting-edge engineering software solutions and dedicated support services for clients in the region.

EnginSoft, a prominent Italian multinational with a robust global presence in engineering simulation and complementary technologies, joins forces with Sigmetrix through the creation of E-SOFT France. This joint venture serves as a central hub, pooling the combined expertise of Sigmetrix and EnginSoft to offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of the European market. The strengthened partnership ensures a more localized and comprehensive approach to serving clients across Europe.

E-SOFT France, supported by EnginSoft, will provide products and services focusing on technology transfer. Offerings include consulting, software solutions, training, and research. Stefano Odorizzi, founder, and CEO of EnginSoft, highlights, “The opening of the French subsidiary allows us direct access to the second most important market in Europe for our specific offerings, enabling us to better serve existing and future customers.”

Patrick Martinez, CEO of E-SOFT, expresses enthusiasm about leading the French subsidiary, emphasizing EnginSoft’s unique ability to add genuine value to the companies it serves. Martinez states, “Sigmetrix solutions will provide an excellent solution for Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing analysis for customers who must reduce the cycle development of their solutions. I sincerely believe that the richness and efficiency of EnginSoft’s strongly cohesive network that allows us to access and deploy all the different expertise required, makes EnginSoft a partner of excellence for companies undergoing the process of digital transformation”.

“We are excited about the expanded partnership with EnginSoft and the launch of E-SOFT France. We enjoyed working with other EnginSoft partners in Europe and are excited to see how this new partnership will grow”, states Ed Walsh Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing of Sigmetrix.

Clients in Europe can now expect even greater support and training opportunities, leveraging the joint capabilities of Sigmetrix and EnginSoft through E-SOFT France.

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