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Software Innovations Characterize 2022 ZEISS 3D Metrology Software

ZEISS pushes metrology software solutions to the next level with the release 2022 of ZEISS 3D metrology software which is bundled on a single platform which additionally offers many digital services.

Introduced recently as ZEISS Quality Suite, the platform offers the range of software products that were mainly established through GOM, a company that was acquired by ZEISS in 2019. This is the initiation of a digital ecosystem that will be continuously developed to grant access to all software applications of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions in the following years – from optical and tactile metrology to industrial microscopy and X-ray technology as well as data and process management software.

Via ZEISS Quality Suite, metrologists can launch the various software products, get access to current news, events, training offers, an intuitive online help as well as updates. The brand-new ZEISS Quality Software Store will be integrated into ZEISS Quality Suite to offer trial licenses and software add-ons. “We are constantly developing our software in dialog with our customers. Software products such as GOM Inspect, which is strongly established in many industrial sectors, are already available in ZEISS Quality Suite. In the long term, all our software products will be integrated into the Suite and continuously developed along metrology topics and customer requirements,” says Christoph Grieser, Head of Global Software Sales ZEISS.

The well-established software portfolio offers numerous new features in its latest release. Each software product offers users various highlights in 2022.

Photorealistic Rendering in GOM Inspect Pro Saves Money For Automotive OEMs

The new release of GOM Inspect Pro offers new visualization and smart reporting functionalities. It is now possible to simulate parts in a photorealistic rendering helping automotive OEMs to view digital assemblies in real environments and assess the influence of light and shading. Also, Smart Scanning increases productivity and minimizes user interaction by supporting fully automated measurements in ZEISS ScanBoxes.

Top-notch CT Volume Data Analysis For Non-Destructive Inspections

With GOM Volume Inspect Pro, ZEISS’ CT software, you can reveal the inside of parts and detect defects on outer surfaces as well as in inner structures of parts. The latest features offer improved segmentation algorithms to inspect multi-material components such as batteries or electronic components. Volume-based defect detection allows for targeted user intervention to increase the number of detected defects. Finally, dimensional inspection on 2D images has become very easy due to the improved section view.

Next Generation Airfoil and Blade Inspection With 3D Throat Area and Virtual Balancing

GOM Blade Inspect Pro, the aero-specific software solution from ZEISS answers to the highest standards and quality requirements. It sets a new standard with its seamless integration with ZEISS CALYPSO offering advanced analysis features for CMM data. The new inspection features include 3D Throat Area and Virtual Balancing to optimize geometries and positioning of blades and airfoils.

New Features To Analyze 3D Displacements and Strains in Motion Pictures

GOM Correlate Pro for digital image correlation and point tracking on 3D testing data offers new functionalities for the analysis of point components including coded points, new extensometer functions as well as improved software performance and new data storage functionalities. This ultimately extends the feature range for applications such as automotive crash tests and other dynamic testing applications.

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