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Zeiss Announce One platform for ZEISS Quality Software and Digital Services

The platform for software and digital services for industrial metrology solutions from ZEISS is being launched with a new name: With the merger of ZEISS and GOM Metrology, the GOM Suite will become the ZEISS Quality Suite. It offers customers direct access to the company’s software landscape. Currently, ZEISS Quality Suite includes the following products: GOM Inspect, GOM Volume Inspect, GOM Blade Inspect, GOM Correlate and ZEISS Reverse Engineering.

Via ZEISS Quality Suite, users can launch the various software products, get access to current news, events, training offers, state-of-the-art online help as well as updates and add-ons. “We are constantly developing our software in dialog with our customers. Software products such as GOM Inspect, which is strongly established in many industrial sectors, are already available in the ZEISS Quality Suite. In the long term, all our software products will be integrated into the suite and continuously developed along metrology topics and customer requirements,” says Christoph Grieser, Head of Global Software Sales at ZEISS.

Using Synergies To Master Quality Together

ZEISS Quality Software will continue to set new standards in metrology in the future. The software development actively addresses customer needs and market challenges and aims to solve these. This is strongly supported by the company’s expertise in hardware and applications for all technological areas of metrology: from optical and tactile metrology to industrial microscopy and X-ray technology. Data connectivity plays an essential role for customers nowadays. With ZEISS Quality Suite, a platform is being created that successively meets this requirement. It already offers direct access to various software products and to accompanying digital services and offers.

“In the future, ZEISS Quality Suite will help us to enable seamless workflows between different products and services,” says Grieser. For example, customers can already find new interfaces and functions to expand the evaluation options for tactile measuring devices.

CALYPSO Becomes part of ZEISS Quality Suite

The leading software for portal coordinate measuring machines ZEISS CALYPSO will also become part of ZEISS Quality Suite. With the CALYPSO 2022 release, the development team from ZEISS has introduced more than 50 new features. Development for CALYPSO 2023 is already in full swing. In the long term, users of ZEISS CALYPSO will also benefit from the advantages of ZEISS Quality Suite and the combined knowledge of the measurement technology experts and their global community.

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