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Software Company Brings Cutting-Edge Technology To NDT

Inspection departments are now required to track defect rates across operators, part types, and inspection techniques under the updated NADCAP requirements. JetSoft, a software and data company that specialises in non-destructive testing, has announced the launch of software designed to specially meet these new requirements, Inspection Results Monitor (IRM).

The New NADCAP requirements means companies are required to collect inspection results, alongside the inspector who performed the evaluation and also the part types. To characterise and compare outliers, this technique establishes a baseline of quality.

IRM enables companies to remain compliant and meet the new requirements under the AC7114 Rev R section 10 regulation. It has been specifically designed to assist in the gathering and analysis of inspection findings.

Tom Martin, CEO & Founder at JetSoft says “JetSoft is all about creating software solutions to help with the management and utilisation of inspection data. We felt we were in an ideal place to develop a solution to help companies meet this newly revised NADCAP AC7114 Rev R regulation. We are very proud of the result; Inspection Results Monitor is a lightweight application that is designed to meet these new regulations as easily and simply as possible.”

Inspection Results Monitor has three key components that help manufacturers and non-destructive test facilities comply with the new regulations:​

Digital Logbook: Inspection Results Monitor works across inspection methods and provides a simple way of creating and managing a single digital logbook. This enables quick and simple input of inspection data and effortless filters to easily find, isolate and sort data across inspection stations, sites, and users.

Trend Monitoring: JetSoft employs trend monitoring to analyse inspection results, allowing companies to gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of their processes. By storing inspection data in a digital logbook, advanced visualisations, and analytical tools are provided to examine results as a dataset. As well as meeting the new regulations, this empowers companies to make informed decisions and continually improve operations with confidence.

Reporting Capabilities: Implementing reporting capabilities allows output analysis results to report documents for dissemination and retention. With one click, the solution automatically generates a report in a Microsoft Word format, designed in the correct report layout to meet the new AC7114 Rev R section 10 requirements. The reporting capabilities reduce time in producing reports to satisfy auditors and provide consistent information to stakeholders.

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