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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – June 12th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Next Generation Mantis Optical Stereo Microscope

Vision Engineering, a world-leading provider of innovative inspection, metrology, and digital 3D visualisation solutions, has announced the launch of Mantis 3rd Gen, the latest addition to its best-selling and award-winning range of ergonomic optical stereo microscopes. Mantis is in use in tens of thousands of … read more

World’s Smallest Wireless Probe For Machine Tools

Renishaw will showcase its latest radio transmission probing system at EMO Hannover, Germany (18 – 23 September). The RMP24-micro is the smallest wireless machine tool probe on the market, measuring just 24 mm in diameter and 31.4 mm in length … read more

Role of Portable Inspection Systems in Smart Manufacturing

With all the talk of automation and the integration of measurement processes directly into production operations in this article we look at the role that manual portable inspection solutions can still play in smart manufacturing. Although they may not offer the same level of automation and connectivity as their digital counterparts … read more

How To Improve, Optimize, and Accelerate First Article Inspection

First article inspection (FAI) is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. The quality control (QC) team needs to optimize this phase of inspection in order to limit the back and forth between conception and fabrication. The QC team must not only correctly identify the defects, but also provide relevant data, measurements, and results … read more

Automated 3D Scanning Cell Delivers Rapid CMM Inspections

Conmed Labmet, based in Mexico, is a leading company specializing in the integration of advanced dimensional measurement and 3D scanning technologies. Through collaborations with renowned international metrology and automation brands, the company has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry … read more

3D Camera Provides Reliable High-Speed Piece-Picking

The Zivid 2+ camera captures true-to-reality point clouds and images at high speed on transparent plastic, highly polished cylinders and the darkest reflective parts. The Zivid 2+ product is a structured-light 3D camera meticulously designed for the most demanding machine vision applications … read more

Smart Manufacturing Data Platform Showcases Smart Factory Automation

Renishaw, will demonstrate its new smart manufacturing data platform, Renishaw Central, at EMO Hannover 2023. Renishaw Central is a data-driven solution designed to transform the productivity, capability, and efficiency of manufacturing operations. Bringing the power of connectivity to the machine shop floor, the system collects … read more

Photoneo 3D Meshing Allows Fully Automated ‘On The Fly’ 3D Model Creation

Photoneo, a leading provider of machine vision and smart automation solutions, has introduces a software solution that extends the possibilities of automated 3D model creation and reveals new application areas that can be automated. The versatile software suite consists of two different libraries and graphical interfaces … read more

Creaform Announces Major Upgrade With VXelements 11

Creaform has announced that it has launched VXelements 11, a much-anticipated upgrade with an impressive array of new features and increased performance levels. The biggest change in VXelements 11 was performed on VXinspect VXelements’ dimensional inspection module … read more

Renishaw Reveals Extra Large Tool Setting Arm For Machine Tools

Renishaw, will showcase its latest tool setting arm at EMO Hannover. The HPMA-X is the latest addition to the company’s family of high-precision tool setting arms and has been engineered to perform in the most challenging turning applications … read more

A Milestone For Consolidation In Additive Manufacturing?

In the past decade or so, the additive manufacturing industry has been characterized by an ever-increasing number of hardware players trying to capture their own share of the market. While there were signs of consolidation in the early 2010s, given major moves by industry leaders like Stratasys and 3D Systems … read more

New Automated Ballooning and Reporting Service Launched

To help manufacturers improve traceability, accuracy and efficiency, industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group has announced a new automated ballooning and reporting service. As an addition to its existing contract measurement support, the company will now automatically balloon any part drawing for customers … read more