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Smart Phone Simplicity Provides Intuitive Production Measurements

“Many of our operators were born in the ‘90s so our measuring machines have to be like smartphones. You draw on the touchscreen, you can recall and control on the touchscreen, it’s totally innovative.”

“Metrios machines are user friendly so our young operators are eager to work with them because they belong to the same generation, they are intuitive and easy to use” One of the Metrios partners at Gai Giacomo explains.

“This was a driving factor in our decision to invest in this new technology”. Teaching young workers how to use obsolete tools is a waste of time. They just wouldn’t appreciate them and would be reluctant to use them. That’s why it’s so important that industrial machines need to be technological but challenging at the same time.

“They enable us to speed up our work and perform inspections that would be much more complicated with other tools”.

In today’s world, an object has to provide  added value, an edge, otherwise it will end up under a dustsheet or in a drawer, just like an old cell phone. Many entrepreneurs dream of having a team of young workers enthusiastic about using inspection tools in production. This obviously results in an immediate increase in productivity and quality. “And you’ll automatically have a better product”, confirms company owner, Daniele Gai.

Measuring multiple parts is definitely an advantage. But maybe the real innovation lies in the fact that the parts can be positioned randomly.
“Our first experience with Metrios has driven home the advantage of measuring multiple parts simultaneously. You just place the part on the Metrios stage and take the measurement. Right now, I’m measuring 7 parts at the same time.”

The machine detects, measures, and reports all the parts on the stage. “The reports are generated by the program, displayed on the screen for the operator to check, then filed during production of the part.”

“What really impressed me was how simple programming is and how efficiently Metrios responds. As it’s much simpler than a profilometer, basically anyone can use the machine”. And it’s not just Metrios’ straightforward design that makes it an excellent choice for control quality on the shopfloor, it’s also able to detect and trace an array of measurements. “We wanted to capitalize on inspecting the internal profile of the parts that we produce.”

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