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Overcoming Silo Measurement Techniques – Absolute Results Over Methods With Laser Radar

Nikon Metrology has announced its upcoming webinar focusing on its APDIS Laser Radar.

Jason Ososki (Director of Automotive Solutions) and Roy Maidment (Sales Manager) will present Nikon‘s APDIS as a versatile plug-and-play multitool for agile and lean shop-floor production.

The Real Paradigm Shift in Automotive

Challenges like the digital transformation, customization, more dynamic customer and market demands make it increasingly clear that automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers are in the urgent need to transform their shop-floors into agile and lean production plants.

With Nikon Metrology’s experience in large volume metrology, the company has taken those challenges into account and has transformed it’s existing Laser Radar into a solution that creates one common language in quality measurement, analysis and improvement, overcomes silo-thinking and helps to build a sustainable and long-lasting production environment. This solution can deliver shorter launch times, faster problem resolution and process modification with absolute measurement results and data transparency throughout the manufacturing environment.

Register for the APDIS Laser Radar webinar on September 29th, 2PM CET to understand how to overcome silo measurement with the APDIS multitool.

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