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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – May 23rd

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Industry-First Smart 3D Line Confocal Sensors Launched

LMI Technologies has announced the official release of its new Gocator 5500 series of smart 3D line confocal sensors. This major product release introduces the first line confocal sensor running Gocator’s smart sensor platform, complete with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision web-based software … read more

Stereo Deflectometry Vision System Inspects Glossy Parts

Helmee Imaging’s CSD (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) technology based machine vision systems are designed to visually inspect glossy – mirror like objects. CSD can simultaneously inspect surface properties and 3D shape of glossy parts … read more

Siemens’ SynthAI Revolutionizes Machine Vision Training With Artificial Intelligence

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s SynthAI service is delivering the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve the challenge of training machine vision systems. Machine learning is used for a variety of vision-based automation use cases such as robotic bin picking, sorting, palletizing, quality inspection and more … read more

Google Cloud Manufacturing Solutions enable Smart Factories with Smarter Workers

Today, manufacturers are advancing on their digital transformation journey, betting on innovative technologies like cloud and AI to strengthen competitiveness and deliver sustainable growth. Nearly 2/3 of manufacturers already use cloud solutions … read more

Machine Vision Software Offers Global Context Anomaly Detection

HALCON`s Deep OCR enables users to efficiently solve text reading applications in a multitude of use cases. With the latest HALCON 22.05 machine vision software, the technology is extended by training functionality, enabling application specific training on the user’s own application dataset. This allows you to solve even most complex … read more

Laser Trackers Perform Critical Role In Tokamak Vacuum Vessel ‘Big Lift’

“THE BIG LIFT” as it is called is the first lifting that took place at the ITER construction site located in Cadarache, France of the first sector of the Vacuum Vessel (VV) that completes the first piece for the construction of an experimental reactor for nuclear fusion … read more

Universal CMM Morphs Into Shaft Inspection Machine With Flexible Tailstock

ZEISS has added a tailstock to its PRISMO range of coordinate measuring machines. Exhibited at the recent CONTROL exhibition the Tailstock TS series provides for the clamping of ‘shaft-like’ measuring objects between centers providing deformation-free clamping … read more

Mahr Expands Ultraprecise Multi-Sensor Form Measurement Range

One machine – two ultraprecise concepts: Mahr now offers its well-proven MFU universal form measuring system in two versions for different applications. MarOpto MFU 200-3D measures optical components automatically, quickly and near production in 2D and 3D … read more

Mx Software Promotes Optimized User Experience For Optical Metrology

Zygo Corporation has announced the release of version 9.0 of its Mx software platform for complete instrument control and data analysis. Ease-of-use is central to two key new capabilities in Mx 9.0: support for Zygo’s Verifire Asphere+ (VFA+) instrument, and the addition of a “Robust Films” module that allows easy … read more

Next Generation Radio Transmission Probing Delivers Data-Rich Future

Renishaw recently showcased its latest radio transmission probing system for machine tools. The next generation system is one of many smart factory process control solutions set to help machine shops transform their production capabilities … read more

CT Scanning and 3D Printing Quickly and Accurately Produce Parts Without CAD

Desktop Metal, a leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, and Lumafield, a startup offering the world’s first accessible industrial X-ray CT platform, have announced a complete solution to help manufacturers quickly and accurately produce high-demand parts with an easy system to scan and 3D print … read more

Materialise Announces CO-AM Software Platform to Advance Serial AM Production

Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing solutions, has introduced CO-AM, an open software platform to manage the additive manufacturing (AM) production process more efficiently. CO-AM will give manufacturers cloud-based access to a full range of tools … read more

ZEISS Report Successful Half Year Financial Results

The positive trend continues at the ZEISS Group, which had a positive end to the first six months of fiscal year 2021/22 (ended 31 March 2022) that was significantly higher than the very good result seen in the previous year: revenue increased by 20% to 4.1 billion euros … read more

Merger to Accelerate Global Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

MakerBot and Ultimaker, two leaders in desktop 3D printing, have announced that they have come to a business combination agreement that will accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing by providing a comprehensive desktop 3D printing ecosystem … read more