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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 21st

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Moving Into Quality 4.0 with Off-line CMM Programming

Powerful and intuitive, Metrologic Group’s Silma X4 software is an off-line programming tool that allows manufacturing organizations to enter into the Industry 4.0 era due to different advanced Coordinate measuring machine simulation modules … read more

Are Machinists & Inspectors Truly Measuring Size Correctly?

Do you have machinsts that feel they produce holes in parts correctly to engineering requirements but the inspectors provides feedback to the machinist, in the form of a reject tag, that the part does not conform? Is it possible they’re making different measurements and providing different results … read more

Multisensor CMM Measures Complex Geometry Turbine Blades in a Single Setup

To maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, current combustor exit temperatures exceed the melting point temperatures of turbine blade materials. The external surfaces of the blades are protected by film cooling, a process in which cool air from the compressor is discharged … read more

F1 Race Scrutineering To Check Car Geometry Using Laser Tracker & 3D Laser Scanning

For the 2022 season, the manner in which the legality of F1 cars is checked is changing, and the FIA is implementing a new laser scanning system that will form part of the scrutineering process at every race weekend. FIA Single Seater Technical Director Nikolas Tombazis explained in an interview how … read more

Digital Factory Simulation Improves Manufacturing of Production Facilities

Digitization in the planning and manufacture of production facilities is already being actively and successfully applied at MAG IAS GmbH. In addition to the clear advantages for project management and the activation of previously unused potential in plant operation, quality and costs … read more

Virtual CNC Simulation and Optimization Improves Performance and Eliminates Scrap

Today’s business environment is characterized by a complex mix of risks and opportunities that are changing at an ever-increasing pace. An entire market can be disrupted in a short time by innumerable factors, such as new technology or a sudden lack of natural resources … read more

Production Personnel Perform High-Precision In-Process Measurement Routines

Gibbs Gears produce high-precision gears, shafts, and machined components for worldwide markets. A family owned business for over 60 years, the company’s in-house expertise and impressive plant list allows it to serve customers … read more

Non-Contact Measurement With Optical Displacement Measuring Sensors

To ensure consistent quality is achieved when manufacturing many different devices or components, the results of the production process need to be checked regularly by taking measurements. These checks are performed in various ways: either outside of the ongoing process … read more

Disused CMM Converted Into 3D Nano Optical Profilometer

As the age of Industry 4.0 is upon us demands increase on advanced manufacturing processes and highly accurate production techniques. Regarding the requirements of surface quality in production, optical inspection is the most general way to detect a component surface quality … read more

Augmented Reality Guides Bendy Robotic Arm Into Shape

Imperial College London researchers have designed and created a malleable robotic arm that can be guided into shape by a person using augmented reality goggles The flexible arm can twist and turn in all directions, making it readily customizable for potential applications in manufacturing … read more

Role of Edge Computing in The Smart Factory

According to Google Trends data, worldwide searches for ‘edge computing’ have increased tenfold in the last five years. Google alone boasts 340 million search results for the phrase — hardly simple revision for those curious about the technology … read more

Smart Connected Assembly – Powered By Data

Atlas Copco is taking its vision of smart factory to a higher level. Called ‘Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data’, it addresses the challenges faced by manufacturing companies of how best to use the data collected in their production … read more