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Disused CMM Converted Into 3D Nano Optical Profilometer

As the age of Industry 4.0 is upon us demands increase on advanced manufacturing processes and highly accurate production techniques. Regarding the requirements of surface quality in production, optical inspection is the most general way to detect a component surface quality by measuring the roughness, micro-profile and other related parameters.

However not every workpiece is able to inspected by standard optical profilometers. Chinese measuring equipment supplier, Chotest, were recently requested to support the measurement needs of an automotive parts industry supplier. Their existing optical white light interferometry profilometer was not capable of inspecting due to part size and the cost to customize a large size profilometer prohibitive.

How to detect the surface quality of this kind of large workpiece?

The Chotest technical team offered their answer by finding a disused CMM, added pneumatic vibration isolation and retrofited their WX-100 white light Interferometer probe to the transformed machine.

4 DoF Motorized Tilt Sensor

The WX-100, white light interference probe, combines excellent 0.1nm resolution capability with the scanning function of traditional white light interference probes while offering electronic tilt adjustment. Different from the traditional white light interference probe, with precision scanning module and optical interference system, WX-100 transplants the tilt adjustment device from the XY stage to the probe, providing the lens with the ability to adjust spatial angle such as yaw and pitch, and making it suitable for numerous large volume applications.

The incorporated WX-100 electric tilt adjustment mechanism offers four degrees of freedom in pitch and yaw and greatly reducing the demands on the supporting measuring stage. Z-direction electronic motion range is 30mm.

Measurement function: Realizes high precision Z scanning of sample surface to obtain 3D image.

Analysis function: Obtains 2D and 3D data including surface roughness, micro-nano-level contour size.

Programming function: Support pre-configured data processing and analysis tool steps, one-click to
complete the whole process.

Batch analysis: Data processing and analysis templates can be customized according to the customer demands, and one-click batch analysis can be realized for the same type of parameter data.

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