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Manufacturing AI Provider Expands Machine Intelligence and Autonomous Control

BISTelligence, a leading supplier of manufacturing AI analytics solutions and services for high-tech and industrial manufacturers has announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Adapdix, a leading provider of edge automation software that combines autonomous control with its innovative DataMesh technology to create substantial manufacturing efficiencies and major cost savings for manufacturers.

BISTelligence will sell and support Adapdix’ solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Seoul, South Korea, BISTelligence has established a significant footprint in APAC built over 21 years. The company’s strong customer base, deep business relationships, and proven technology expertise in developing AI analytics solutions for high-tech and industrial customers provides a significant advantage for Adapdix. Based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2015, Adapdix offers edge computing-based solutions that integrate AI/ML technologies to create a fast, secure, and scalable platform for data collection, integration, and autonomous control on the edge at millisecond speeds.

Adaptive Control of Complex Manufacturing Operations

EdgeOps delivers machine intelligence and autonomous control of advanced manufacturing environments – all in milliseconds. EdgeOps improves latency, security, privacy, and cost, by bringing applications to data as opposed to requiring users to move data to the application. EdgeOps allows the collection of multiple product inspection and quality parameters across production line systems allowing the prediction of quality levels and avoidance of unnecessary production steps.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Adapdix in which we will bring the unmatched value of the Adapdix-BISTelligence portfolio to manufacturers in South Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia,” commented W.K. Choi, CEO of BISTelligence. “Adapdix’ highly innovative EdgeOps platform with a rich set of data integration capabilities is a gamechanger for customers in APAC.”

“We are excited about our partnership with BISTelligence, an established and respected company in Asia that strengthens our technology portfolio and greatly expands our global footprint,” said Anthony Hill, CEO, Adapdix. “We can now expand the adoption of our EdgeOps platform to help APAC customers put their data to work and realize the full power of AI – vastly reduced production costs, and invaluable data insights that will accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

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