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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 20th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Dynamic 9D LADAR Offers Accurate Aircraft Inspection

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the need for advanced technology to perform aircraft inspections becomes increasingly important. One such technology is non-contact scanning, which is becoming increasingly popular for full aircraft inspections … read more

Quality Inspection With Artificial Intelligence

It sounds so simple – with just a little effort and training, a neural network learns to identify quality requirements. Scratches, cracks, shape defects and other faults are detected reliably and without tiring. The respective products can then be sorted out before … read more

3D Scanning Aids Robotic Removal of AM Part Supports

The use of metal additive manufacturing (AM) has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, allowing for the creation of complex and intricate parts in a faster and more cost-effective manner. However, essential post-processing of these parts introduces time … read more

Reverse Engineering Using Hand-Held 3D Scanning

For over 60 years, Hidrostal has been manufacturing high-quality, low-maintenance pumps, ranging from small, portable pumps for construction sites and flooded basements to ten-ton wastewater and thick matter pumps … read more

Metrologic Group and Renishaw Collaborate To Offer 3D Solutions

20 years after their first agreement, Renishaw and Metrologic Group have strengthened their collaboration by signing a new strategic agreement to meet new challenges faced by the manufacturing industry … read more

Novel Radar Technique Robotically Monitors Composite Blade Manufacturing Process

Identifying defects in fiber composite materials during the production process will be possible in the future thanks to a novel radar method that automatically and non-destructively monitors the manufacturing process of fiber composite materials … read more

Haas Automation Deny Alleged Russia Machine Export Allegations

The following statement has been issues by Haas Automation: On Tuesday, March 14, PBS ran a story alleging that Haas Automation has directly provided machines and parts to Russia in violation of U.S. export control and sanctions regulations … read more

Strong Collaboration In Industrial X-Ray and CT Inspection

In developing and manufacturing premium cars, guaranteeing the quality, reliability and safety of parts is crucial. At the same time, any delay in production or quality analysis quickly becomes a significant cost factor. For almost 20 years the German vehicle manufacturer BMW has relied on industrial Computed Tomography … read more

Researchers Unveil AI-Driven Method For Improving AM

Many industries rely on metal additive manufacturing to rapidly build parts and components. Rocket engine nozzles, pistons for high performance cars, and custom orthopedic implants are all made using additive manufacturing, a process that involves … read more

Partnership to Offer Software Suite for Production-Scale AM

Oqton, a software provider helping manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production and Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, have announced that they will form a technical and commercial software development agreement … read more

Digital Twins Key to Energy Saving in Manufacturing

Energy efficiency has become an essential part of sustainability in manufacturing during the past few years. The world faces challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and rising energy costs. With geopolitical and economic conditions, as well as existing regulations, energy costs are constantly fluctuating … read more

AMETEK Opens Customer Solutions Center In Germany

AMETEK has opened a new state-of-the-art Customer Solutions Center in Weiterstadt, Germany where visitors can find the latest news concerning the company’s many brands, and experience product demonstrations of technologies ranging from the field of elemental analysis, drive technology, optical metrology and … read more

Smart Services Identifies CNC Machining Quality Issues

A collaboration between Productive Machines (UK) and the Kistler Group allows customers in the machining segment to benefit from a full range of performance optimization services. Dynamic stiffness analysis together with force and vibration … read more

Collaboration To Support Intelligent Battery Production

PDF Solutions and Voltaiq have announced their collaboration to help battery manufacturers improve yield, reduce cost, and accelerate new factory ramp-ups. This collaboration combines PDF Solutions’ deep product and domain expertise for the analysis and control of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing … read more

Ensuring Advanced Driver‑Assistance Systems Calibration and Quality

It takes a high-tech plant to build a high-tech automotive vehicle. Investments at the Renault plant in Palencia, Spain have enabled the facility to guarantee the best quality in terms of the manufacturing and operation of the All-new Renault Austral and its various … read more

Desktop Metal Launches AM 2.0 End-to-End Software

Desktop Metal has announced the launch of Live Suite — a package of premium software applications with all-new functionality for users of the company’s Additive Manufacturing 2.0 systems across Team DM brands … read more