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Collaboration To Support Intelligent Battery Production

PDF Solutions and Voltaiq have announced their collaboration to help battery manufacturers improve yield, reduce cost, and accelerate new factory ramp-ups. This collaboration combines PDF Solutions’ deep product and domain expertise for the analysis and control of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing with Voltaiq’s product and domain expertise in marshaling large-scale data from across the full battery product lifecycle to accelerate and optimize every part of battery development and production.

The battery industry is racing to develop new manufacturing capacity as EV industry growth continues to outpace market expectations, with the battery cell supply crunch already being felt by all battery end-consumers, including consumer electronics, EVs, and grid storage manufacturers. In response, companies across the battery ecosystem have begun building new factories — including cell manufacturers, OEM/cell manufacturer joint ventures, new Gigafactory startups, and new chemistry startups – but these ventures face the reality of long yield ramp times, supply chain immaturity and a shortage of relevant expertise. The typical Gigafactory is expected to take several years and billions in investment to ramp up before reaching profitability.

Fully Characterize Battery Quality

The PDF Solutions and Voltaiq integrated solution combines PDF Solutions’ Exensio Process Control and Manufacturing Analytics platform with Voltaiq’s Enterprise Battery Intelligence platform to enable customers to fully characterize battery quality earlier in the production process, and link those characteristics to key manufacturing parameters for control and improvement. The combined artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from both companies provides best-in-class manufacturing and battery characterization analytics to accelerate production ramps and improve overall yield as well as mass production efficiency.

 Collaboration To Help Manufacturers Improve Yield, Reduce Cost, and Accelerate Factory Ramp-Ups

 “PDF Solutions’ Exensio platform is one of the world’s leading data and analytics platforms for the semiconductor industry, with more than 40,000 fab process, test, and assembly tools under management and more than 15,000 engineers trained worldwide,” said Michael Yu, VP of the PDF Solutions Advanced Solutions Group. “Our collaboration with Voltaiq is expected to enable us to accelerate our expansion into the battery market, implementing our best-in-class semiconductor process control methodology in the battery manufacturing arena.”

 “Batteries are the foundation for the current massive shift to an electrified global economy,” said Tal Sholklapper, CEO and Co-founder of Voltaiq. “Voltaiq’s platform provides a real-time view into battery quality and performance to detect the early signs of impending malfunction which translates into faster time to market, increased output, fewer defects, and billions more in revenue. Our partnership with PDF Solutions will help battery manufacturers adopt the agile mindset to better compete in the global transition to battery power.”