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METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – July 25th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Zeiss Spins-Off Fixture Systems Group

Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems GmbH will operate independently as FIXTURE TECH Solutions GmbH from July 2022. The new owner of the company is the long-term oriented ASC Investment Group, which has taken over not only the business but also the company’s approximately 100 employees … read more

Wenzel Announce Significant Sales Growth

WENZEL has announced that it closed the first half of 2022 with significant growth in incoming orders and sales. The new products and applications are increasingly supporting the core business. Supply chain problems and a lack of skilled workers remain the biggest challenges … read more

Inline and Immediate Detection of Defective Stamped Parts

The order has been processed, the last box filled. But a quick glance reveals that all parts have a scratch on important functional surfaces – a rule-out criterion for the customer. So there is no choice but to start production all over again, dispose of the scrap and make up … read more

Versatile Automated 3D Measurement Station Launched

Chinese company Scantech has launched AM-DESK, an automated 3D measurement station, consisting of an intelligent control system, multiple servo-mechanics, safety system, motion control system, measurement and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software. Due to its compact size and easy installation, the station can cater to … read more

Robot Guided Vehicle Wheel Assembly Using Matched Point Cloud Data

When Bluewrist were approached by an automotive OEM to automate wheel assembly there were a number of challenges to address when designing the application solution that would improve performance, process, and quality. The challenges related to both the rotors and the processes involved in the fitting of the tires … read more

Scanning Sprays Supports Reverse Engineering Processes

If individual parts are no longer available, then they can be recreated by means of reverse engineering – frequently via additive manufacturing. Owing to its rapid nature and high precision, AM is becoming more and more important. For this purpose, components with complex shapes are captured using 3D scanning … read more

Smart Manufacturing – How Digital Twins Optimizes Manufacturing Efficiency

In the next few years, the digital twin solution for manufacturing is expected to grow rapidly, driven by the need for improved productivity and lower maintenance costs.  From 2022 to 2027, the smart manufacturing market by enabling technologies for digital twins is expected to grow at a CAGR of 68.9% … read more

New Generation of Camera-Based Inline Inspection Systems Launching

In line with its new Empowering Vision Excellence strategy, ISRA VISION has introduced the next generation of camera-based inline inspection systems with new features and intelligent software tools … read more

Fast Jet Fuselage Demonstrates Latest Manufacturing Technologies

A representative military fast jet fuselage has been designed and built at a, first-of-its kind industry 4.0 Factory at BAE Systems in Lancashire, UK. The system demonstrates how the technologies developed in the Factory create a step change in design and manufacturing capability to deliver the UKs next generation … read more

Siemens Acquires ZONA Technology To Advance Aviation Digital Thread

With the global drive toward climate-neutral aviation gaining pace and the rebirth of interest in supersonic travel, innovations in aircraft configurations require careful and diligent use of aerodynamic and structural design optimization. Siemens Digital Industries has announced that it entered into an agreement to acquire ZONA Technology … read more

VisiConsult Acquiring Majority Stake in CT Specialist Diondo

In what is described as a significant move for the industry, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH has announced that it has signed an agreement that allows it to acquire a majority stake in the CT specialist diondo GmbH. This strategic cooperation will significantly increase the capabilities of both companies … read more

New Metrological Technique Uses Stress For Nanotomography

Researchers from Skoltech and their colleagues in Russia and Spain have reported a proof-of-concept demonstration of a new radiation-safe method for mapping the internal structure and stress distribution in samples of materials at the nanoscale, with a resolution about 100 times higher than that of the currently available techniques  … read more

Embraer Establishes Agreement with Toyota to Maximize Production Efficiencies

Embraer has signed an agreement with Toyota do Brasil in order to embrace Toyota Production System (TPS) principles and concepts in its industrial operations. The initiative aims to eliminate waste, obtain operational efficiency, and increase value generation … read more

Collaboration to Accelerate Digital Transformation with AI-based Simulation

Altair, a leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with LG Electronics (LG) to accelerate the digital transformation of product development … read more