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Versatile Automated 3D Measurement Station Launched

Chinese company Scantech has launched AM-DESK, an automated 3D measurement station, consisting of an intelligent control system, multiple servo-mechanics, safety system, motion control system, measurement and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software. Due to its compact size and easy installation, the station can cater to different measurement needs with great flexibility.

AM-DESK can be paired with different collaborative robots and Scantech’s entire fleet of 3D scanners to measure numerous parts automatically. It suits well for on-site inspections on shop floors, in labs, and under harsh conditions to ensure continuous 3D measurement with high precision.

The station comes with powerful and easy-to-use 3D software FlexScan, which has a simple user interface to allow for smooth human-machine interaction. The software has multiple communication methods to support the functioning of various collaborative robots and enables automated measurement with multi-positioners in different scenarios.

Robust Performance

AM-DESK offers a 3D measurement solution station for various tasks whether in lab or on the shop floor enabling fast and automated inspections for parts ranging from casting parts, plastic parts to stamping parts within 100 kilograms. Once the measurements are completed, the station can generate inspection reports automatically by comparing actual 3D coordinates and CAD data, significantly enhancing efficiency.

In compliance with standards of CE certification the station ensures operators’ safety. With versatile accessories, the station can achieve automated and uninterruptible 3D measurement for complex parts.

Easy Programming & Automated Calibration

Engineered with PLC and servo-mechanical system, the station can achieve programmable and automated measurement when paired with multiple collaborative robots. At the click of a button, it can conduct complex measurement tasks per preset measuring paths. Engineers and operators with different levels of expertise and programming skills can operate it with ease.

When used in an unstable thermal environment for high-intensity operations, instruments need to be calibrated to ensure high-precision measurement results. The station can automatically calibrate its sensor after a scanning session or when the temperature changes to ensure uninterruptible measurements.

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