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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – February 13th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Adaptation of Measurement To Process-Integrated Metrology

Metrology News recently sat down with Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer, CDO (Chief Data Officer) of the Wenzel Group, for a discussion on his views on the future role of dimensional measurement in the new era of smart manufacturing and how process-integrated metrology is viewed, along with its challenges, from both supplier and user perspectives … read more

3D Algorithms Applied To Muography Measurements To Image Nuclear Reactor

The inspection of very large or dense structures represents one of the biggest challenges for nondestructive techniques. For such objects, a particularly powerful technique is muography, which makes use of free, natural cosmic-ray muons. This technique has been applied to provide two-dimensional (2D) images of nuclear reactors … read more

Increased Quality Through Optical Inspection

Modern production systems are characterized by high speeds coupled with high quality demands. This places the highest demands on quality control. The most important non-destructive method for inspection is the automatic processing and evaluation of images taken with cameras directly in production. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional methods are used … read more

Renault Showcases Its Industrial Metaverse

Renault Group recently announced that it is accelerating its digitalization with the first industrial Metaverse. Today, 100% of its vehicle production lines are connected, 90% of supply flows are constantly monitored and 100% of Supply Chain data is hosted in the Renault Group Metaverse … read more

Wide FOV Smart Sensors for Inline High-Speed 3D Measurement Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the release of its new Gocator 2540/50 high-speed wide field of view 3D laser line profile sensors. Gocator 2540/50 laser line profilers deliver the 2500 series’ signature blazing fast scan rates, with the added advantage of wider … read more

Coherix Announces AI Enabled Adaptive Process Control Software

3D computer vision company Coherix has  introduced AI enabled Adaptive Process Control (APC) solutions that deliver continuous in-line process control for sealant and adhesive dispensing applications. “Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence require more than just vision, they require real time software that learns, compares, adjusts on-the-fly and does not require human intervention … read more

Flush and Gap Verification With Advanced 3D Laser Profilers

A common application in the automotive industry is flush and gap inspection to ensure that vehicle panels are aligned properly. Although this application appears relatively simple, the value of the flush and gap inspection system lies in the details. For example, a 2D system may determine if a gap is consistent between a door and a body panel … read more

Multimodal Non-Destructive Testing Augmented With New Discipline

Spectroscopy by means of ultra-short waves in the terahertz range is a very promising method for volumetric testing in non-conductive materials. It has been integrated for the first time as an additional technology in a multimodal ACCUBOT non-destructive testing (NDT) system from FILL Gesellschaft m.b.H. as part of the three-year project … read more

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics Launches Next Generation Machine Monitoring System

Fast-growing Sheffield tech start-up, FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, has released its next-generation machine data monitoring platform, incorporating real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) functionality, known to manufacturers as the gold standard for measuring productivity to improve manufacturing processes … read more

Can Equipment-Agnostic Solution Unlock Benefits of Legacy Machine Vision Hardware?

In many plants you will find cameras, lighting and other hardware that was once part of a visual inspection system but is no longer fit for purpose. Do you have to rip it up and build from scratch? In this article, Zohar Kantor from LeanAI explains why an equipment-agnostic software technology could can breath new life into existing vision hardware … read more

‘Smart’ Rotary Table Increases Portable Arm Inspection Productivity

The speed with which someone can inspect a component using a portable, multi-axis measuring arm is increased by up to 40 percent if, instead of the part being static, it is placed on a new FREEDOM Index Table from LK Metrology … read more

Autonomous Robotic Platform Builds Real-Time Digital Twins

Robotics and data intelligence company Dexory has announced the launch of a new, enhanced solution DexoryView – a revolutionary platform that will change the way that warehouses are managed through the power of real-time data … read more

Digital 3D Touch Sensor Wins Hexagon’s Support To Solve Industry Challenges

Hexagon has announced the winner of the second cohort of its coveted Sixth Sense open innovation platform, which nurtures start-ups creating solutions to pressing manufacturing challenges. Hexagon launched the Sixth Sense open innovation platform in 2022 to support the growing demand for disruptive innovation in manufacturing … read more

35th Annual Control Quality Assurance Exhibition – International and Invaluable

Preparation for the 35th Control international trade fair for quality assurance is now approaching the homestretch. Attention will be focused on the issues of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, in Stuttgart, Germany from the 9th through the 12th May … read more