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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – December 5th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Fixture Tech and Alukeep To Drive Global Fixturing

The global market for fixture and automation solutions is evolving and requires agile, innovative, reliable and customer-centric suppliers. After having become an independent solution provider, FIXTURE TECH is now taking the next step in its evolution and joining forces with Alukeep in order to become the leading innovation and … read more

More Efficient Machining of 3D-Printed Metal Parts

Precise milling processes require precise positioning of the workpieces on the machine table. The machine tool’s tactile measuring sensors determine the position and location of the parts to be milled, and the milling programs are set accordingly. However, the integrated measuring sensors have only limited suitability for 3D-printed parts … read more

3D Vision Systems Enable Robotic Solutions in Quality Control

People in various industries are increasingly interested in using robotic quality control solutions. They recognize that doing so could help them save money, reduce defects and enhance outcomes. Many of these automated options include 3D vision systems … read more

Next Generation Solutions for Measurement of Aspheres

An aspheric lens — sometimes known as an asphere — is a lens that’s not part of a sphere or cylinder and it can depart somewhat from a sphere. The more complex surface profile of an asphere not only reduces or eliminates spherical aberration but can also reduce … read more

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Labs Network Industrie 4.0 To Work Together For Digital Transformation

The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance has announced that it is now working together with the Labs Network Industrie (LNI) 4.0 e.V. – a fast growing network of more than 45 renowned test centers (labs) and around 300 companies throughout Germany. The LNI 4.0 test the most diverse industry 4.0 topics … read more

AUO Recognized with Industry 4.0 Award for Production Line Improvement Through AI

AUO has announced that its Taichung Fab 3 has received recognition from the ROI-EFESO INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD in its Smart Automation category. AUO has integrated AIoT to promote automation and high-efficient management systems with its strong fundamentals in smart manufacturing to solve process pain points in manufacturing a … read more

Digitalisation Opens Up New Dimensions For BMW iFACTORY

The BMW Group is using virtualisation, artificial intelligence and data science to network all relevant aspects of automotive production. The BMW Group is in the midst of the largest transformation in its history, which is crucial for the company’s consistent future direction. Sustainability, flexibility and digitalisation are in the spotlight on … read more

Effective Asset Location and Management With IoT Tracker

Electronic test equipment specialist Electro Rent has launched its high-performance, easy-to-use IoT tracker, helping businesses track test and measurement assets across their field services. The new device is ideal for any company that currently finds itself spending too much time and money trying to find misplaced or stolen assets … read more

Partnership To Launch Robotic Tool For Precision Application of Masking Tape

Aerobotix and FerRobotics, two leading robotics companies based in the U.S. and Austria respectively, have announced that they have partnered on a new solution in response to aerospace industry demand for an automated tool for precision masking tape application. Collaboration between engineers from the two companies … read more

Collaboration To Automate and Speed Up EMC Tests Under Real Driving Conditions

Electric vehicles contain many electronic components that emit radio-frequency interference which may have a negative impact on the vehicle performance and driving experience. To ease and speed up the development process, AVL and Rohde & Schwarz, two of the world’s leading providers of automotive test systems … read more

Issues Recruiting Metrology Equipment Operators? – Is Automation The Answer

Exact Metrology, a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and metrology hardware sales company, provides extensive training to customers from the basic to the most advanced operation. Dean Solberg, Vice President of Metrology at Exact Metrology, believes there are several challenges facing the industry today.  With the older workforce … read more

Innodisk Proves AI Prowess with Launch of FPGA Machine Vision Platform

Innodisk, a leading global provider of industrial-grade flash storage, DRAM memory and embedded peripherals, has announced its latest step into the AI market, with the launch of EXMU-X261, an FPGA Machine Vision Platform. Automated defect inspection, a key machine vision application, is an essential technology in modern manufacturing … read more

FARO Acquires LiDAR Based Scanning Software Company SiteScape

FARO Technologies has announced the acquisition of SiteScape, an innovator in LiDAR 3D scanning software solutions for the AEC and O&M  markets. SiteScape enables LiDAR equipped mobile devices to easily capture indoor spaces digitally, providing a readily available entry-point to scanning physical spaces for a broad range of applications … read more

Smart Sensors Help Auto Manufacturer Achieve Significant Energy Savings

ESCO (Energy reduction Support & Collaboration) is the energy-supporting function of Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, based in Burnaston, Derbyshire with a remit to manage utilities and consumption, which is done in two ways. The first is using Kaizen, a Continuous Improvement concept and foundation of lean manufacturing. The second is … read more