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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 30th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Hexagon Announces Acquisition of Wuhan Zhongguan Company

The Hexagon Group and Wuhan Zhongguan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has announced the signing of a shareholding merger agreement to improve its capabilities in the field of 3D data acquisition and further expand Hexagon’s solution portfolio in the field of intelligent manufacturing. After the acquisition, Zhongguan will be incorporated into Hexagon MI … read more

Sandvik to Acquire Mastercam Creators – CNC Software

Sandvik has signed an agreement to acquire US-based CNC Software Inc., a leading provider of CAD/CAM software solutions for manufacturing industries and the company behind Mastercam, the most widely used Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) brand in the industry. By acquiring CNC Software, Sandvik gains a world-class CAM brand in the Mastercam … read more

Software Platform to Accelerate Autonomous Quality Assurance Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled HxGN Robotic Automation, pioneering robotic programming and control software that enables non-specialist quality professionals to program industrial robots to perform fully automated quality inspection.  The platform enables manufacturers to equip greenfield factories or retrofit existing production lines with state-of-the-art autonomous optical inspection cells, accelerating time … read more

Pit Stop for F1 Quality

Around the world customers such as the Alpine F1 Team put their trust in Volume Graphics. Not only in the insightful software, but also in  comprehensive consulting, support, and training. Volume Graphics gives them a decisive advantage – the ability to gain reliable insights and make better products … read more

Challenges and Benefits of On-Machine Measurement

When machine tools were less accurate and ubiquitous methods for controlling the environment in and around the machine tool were rare, there was a veritable prohibition on performing probe-on-spindle, on-machine, and in-process measurement (IPM). Manufacturers are now not prohibiting On-Machine Measurement (OMM), but there is persistent suspicion of its value … read more

On Machine Tool Measurement With Laser Scanner Raises Production Reliability

One challenge that manufacturers often face is the uncertainty of raw parts not having enough overstock on all surfaces to avoid costly machining failures. Especially when finishing pre-produced parts from external suppliers or other machine tools, operators invest a lot of time ensuring that the part has enough overstock and finding … read more

Verisurf Software Provides Out of the Box Scanning Solution

The KSCAN composite 3D scanner and the entire ScanTech line of industrial scanners now ship with the popular Verisurf Off-Line, 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite. The complete solution provides customers immediate access to high-quality 3D scanning and reverse engineering workflows right out of the box. Verisurf’s Offline Scanning and Reverse … read more

AM Development of More Accurate Automotive Inspection Gauge

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) are not new to 3D printing. For many years, they have been using 3D printing for rapid prototyping, and their R&D team have developed several use cases for the shop floor. In a recent collaboration with Mindware, HMC had a precise application in mind for which … read more

Production 4.0 – Porsche Factory of the Future

The factory of the future is already a reality at Porsche in Leipzig and Zuffenhausen – as the new engine plant shows particularly clearly. Porsche has invested 80 million euros in the Zuffenhausen plant. Up to 200 engines per day can be installed here. Around 100 technical innovations are used in production alone … read more

Portable Probing System Provides Improved Measurement Data

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe AB is a company that works with flexible transport solutions in the form of, among other things, trucks used in warehouses and for logistics. At its truck factory in Mölnlycke just outside Gothenburg, a new measurement requirement arose when they wanted to increase the quality … read more

Robot-Based High-Precision Surface Measurements

Researchers have developed a lightweight optical system for 3D inspection of surfaces with micron-scale precision. The new measurement tool could greatly enhance quality control inspection for high-tech products including semiconductor chips, solar panels and consumer electronics such as flat panel televisions. Because vibrations make it difficult to capture precision 3D measurements … read more

Optimal Quality Assurance With Shopfloor Coordinate Measuring Machine

In simple terms, a claw pole is a fist-sized piece of metal with six or eight hooked teeth pointing upwards and a hole in the middle. It is a key component of alternators which supply practically every motorized vehicle with power. Unfortunately, there is hardly a straight surface, barely a … read more

Dynamic Micro-CT System Delivers Sub-micron 4D Time-Resolved Studies

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING has announced the release of its new UniTOM HR―the first dynamic micro-CT system to offer sub-micron resolution 3D non-destructive imaging for static studies and high temporal resolution for uninterrupted 4D dynamic CT experiments. UniTOM HR is ideal for both industrial and academic researchers that need micro-CT imaging to … read more

German VDW Raises 2021 Production Forecast

Orders received by the German machine tool industry in the second quarter of 2021 were 103 percent up on the previous year’s figure. Orders from Germany rose by 81 per cent with export orders 114 per cent higher than in the previous year  … read more