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Verisurf Software Provides Out of the Box Scanning Solution

The KSCAN composite 3D scanner and the entire ScanTech line of industrial scanners now ship with the popular Verisurf Off-Line, 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite. The complete solution provides customers immediate access to high-quality 3D scanning and reverse engineering workflows right out of the box.

Verisurf’s Offline Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite includes solid CAD modeling supporting the complete reverse engineering workflow, from converting point cloud data to polygonal meshes to surfaces and solid models and verify the finished model back to the scanned data for quick quality analysis.

Verisurf Software, Inc. and ScanTech (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. have formed a solution partnership to provide comprehensive Dimensional Metrology solutions to customers worldwide. Under the agreement, the popular Verisurf Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite is bundled with each ScanTech 3D scanner sold. The solution bundle provides customers immediate access to high-quality scan data analysis for inspection, as well as surfacing and solid modeling for reverse engineering workflows right out of the box.

“Verisurf is proud to be selected by ScanTech to provide our software with their 3D scanners.  Verisurf software is both powerful, easy to use, and built on a CAD platform.  This gives customers practical options on how far they want to take a project within Verisurf – from scanned point cloud data to finished intelligent solid model with Model Based Definition (MBD) and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), or anywhere in between.  This is made possible by our commitment to hardware and software compatibility,” said Ernie Husted, President & CEO of Verisurf

“This partnership with Verisurf is an exciting new development for us as it complements our high-quality scanners with powerful software that customers around the world are already using for applications ranging from aerospace to automotive, medical, and more,” said Oscar Meza, Chief Commercial Officer of ScanTech.

“In addition to software quality and capabilities, education was a big factor in our selecting Verisurf.  Whether you are just getting started with 3D scanning, inspection and reverse engineering or getting your team up to speed on specific workflows and software training, Verisurf has excellent onsite customer training, classroom options, and even a comprehensive distance learning program” added Meza.

Verisurf and ScanTech application engineers and tech support teams are working side-by-side to demonstrate 3D measurement and reverse engineering solutions and to provide introductory training to both customers and resellers.

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