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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 8th April

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

The Sound Of The Perfect Coating Properties

Sound waves can reveal surface properties. Parameters such as surface or coating quality of components can be analyzed nondestructively using lasers and sensors. In research and some industrial laboratories, this laser-induced surface wave spectroscopy has already become an established measurement technology … read more

Intelligent Surface Inspection Detects Defects

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has developed a process that automatically evaluates the surface conditions of objects using video images, neural networks and machine learning. Intelligent surface inspection can help to improve defect testing. In order to reuse components their condition must be analyzed … read more

Metrology Technology Helping Auto Companies Manufacture Latest EVs

Metrology Technology Helping Auto Companies Manufacture Latest EVs

Almost everyone is aware of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in the automotive industry. The switch from diesel and petrol engines to electric power is constantly in the news, and despite some obstacles to widespread adoption, the clock is ticking … read more

Non-Destructive Evaluation Making Batteries Safer and More Efficient

With motorists across the world shifting to hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) in increasing numbers, the demand for the batteries that power them has skyrocketed. Yet the battery supply chain is in a difficult period of uncertainty. Some larger automotive and battery manufacturers are building their own gigafactories … read more

In-line Metrology Improves Battery Safety and Performance

To address the needs of the rapidly growing battery market, Thermo Fisher Scientific today introduced the Thermo Scientific LInspector Edge In-line Mass Profilometer, which delivers full-width electrode mass loading measurement and provides battery manufacturers with the data needed to make better, safer batteries … read more

Quantum Magnetometer Measures With Picotesla Precision

The quantum magnetometer from Q.ANT enables high-precision magnetic field measurements. Its compact size and operation at room temperature open up a whole range of new applications in science and industry. Q.ANT is a high-tech start-up in the field of quantum technology and was founded as part of the TRUMPF … read more

Measurement In The Process Essential To Produce Consistent High Quality

Bikes, especially mountain bikes, have always offered a lot of space for innovation. And this is in no small part thanks to enthusiastic cyclists in small specialised companies who know how to impress with their innovations. Vecnum develops and manufactures components for mountain and gravel bikes in Isny, Germany … read more

Handheld 3D Scanner Streamlines 3D Scanning Process With AI-Powered Features

3DMakerpro has announced the launch of its Moose Series, beginner-friendly 3D scanners with AI visual tracking technology. The Moose series is 3DMakerpro’s latest consumer-grade 3D scanner line-up offering, designed to handle real-world medium-sized objects into 3D models with remarkable efficiency and precision … read more

Latest CAD/CAM Interoperability Software Products Released

Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, has announced the 6.0 major release of its CAD/CAM software interoperability products. The CAD file utility programs utilize proprietary Kubotek Kosmos modeling technology to support transfer of precise CAD data across manufacturing … read more

Enhanced Software Platform Improves Automated Visual Inspections, a leading company in intelligent visual inspection solutions has announced significant improvements to its flagship software platform with the introduction of version 2.7. The latest version brings about enhanced user experience and expanded functionality, offering a more efficient and user-friendly workflow along with … read more

Critical Parts Inspected 8x Faster With Industrial CT Platform

Eaton’s products help manage increasingly complex electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical energy systems. As every industry transitions to greener forms of energy, Eaton is leading the way in developing power management solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable. But these solutions present challenges … read more

Spot Light With Zoom Lens Enhances Precision In Machine Vision

TPL Vision’s new Z-SPOT high power spot light uses state-of-the art design to bring machine vision applications to increased levels of precision. Innovative Zoom Lens Technology The Z-SPOT introduces a new zoom lens with built-in adaptability, allowing users to fine-tune the illumination for working distances from 30 mm to 1000 mm … read more