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Spot Light With Zoom Lens Enhances Precision In Machine Vision Applications

TPL Vision’s new Z-SPOT high power spot light uses state-of-the art design to bring machine vision applications to increased levels of precision.

Innovative Zoom Lens Technology

The Z-SPOT introduces a new zoom lens with built-in adaptability, allowing users to fine-tune the illumination for working distances from 30 mm to 1000 mm. The zoom lens provides versatility across applications requiring a focused and directional illumination for quality control, pick-and-place, assembly inspection, barcode- and fluorescence inspection and many other applications.

Unmatched Performance with Strobe OverDrive

The Z-SPOT achieves its outstanding brightness using Auto-Strobe OverDrive technology, which offers a remarkable 3x intensity boost. This results in superior brightness and enhanced detail, ensuring the utmost accuracy. In applications where precision is crucial, but space is limited, the Z-SPOT delivers powerful illumination to help users detect the finest details and achieve the best inspection results.

Robust Design and Seamless Integration

Designed to meet the latest industrial demands, the Z-SPOT features a sturdy design with a durable IP67 aluminium housing. Its M30 mounting, M12 5P connector, and integrated current control facilitate seamless integration. Easy to install even in limited spaces, the Z-SPOT is suitable for surfaces ranging from 1mm to 30mm in thickness.

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